I really hate posting about this subject, but I had to get this off my chest.

I'm not going to name any names, and I hope I don't come off as hypocritical here. When I first started looking for blogs about homemaking and trying to find info on being a good Proverbs 31 woman, I ran across a site that had great articles and videos. I learned how to make kefir and homemade yogurt etc. She was ultra religious, almost fanatic and I just ignored those posts. I have a great relationship with my Lord. I don't need her telling me if it's wrong or right. Anyway, recently it's gotten much more about her views on religion and less about being a homemaker. Today was the last straw. She actually likened our President to Satan. I'm sorry, but I am seriously offended by that. I know most of the ladies on the blogs I read or who read mine are conservatives and I'm cool with that. But I am not, and not only did I vote for our President, but I also campaigned for him. And never once did he strike me as Satan. And he certainly isn't now. That man has a HUGE responsibility on his shoulders and so much work to do. It just makes me sad to see people saying such horrible things about him. He's a Christian, and it's sickening to see other so-called Christians attacking him. I will not stoop to her level and attack her openly here. I will however never go to her site again. It's sad really because I learned so much. I will be praying that God opens her heart and eyes to real Truth.


  1. Patty...I really do try and just move on when I read this kind of stuff...I have a hard time with being one nation under God and seeing how people can be so closed minded...as this just shows our weakness to our enemeies girl..I also have a great relationship with our lord and some times wonder what he see's looking down on all of us and the hate that can come out...Love and peace starts in our hearts...I will support was ever presdinet we have in office...and Yes I'm also a Obama Mama...And I have also seen where blogs has called him satan...I just close them out real quick...thats the fun part of blogging to me...you can leave their blog as fast as you got there...Keep praying my friend...God hears your name...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  2. Thank you so much Gloria! *HUGS!*

  3. Wow, haven't seen that one. I think that it's no matter whether you voted for the sitting President or not, there will be something he does that you will support and at some point you will disagree with something he says or a decision he makes (fail to make, etc). Like you said, it's a huge task. As Christians, as Americans, we need to be in constant prayer for our country, our President and the church. (My word, that was a lot of run-on sentences LOL. I haven't finished my coffee yet, ha!)

  4. (((Patty))) I always say, that even if you may not care for our president, he still needs our respect. He is the president of our country:)

    (((Big Hugs)))

    I stay away from unhappy blogs too!


  5. I came across this today and I thought it really addressed this topic well. Check it out, I'd love to see what you think.

  6. Everybody's Mama, Oh that was such a wonderful post and the comments to it as well! I am going to be praying constantly for our President but even moreso for the people with such hatred in their hearts who say Jesus is their Lord. The prayers of the saints can be powerful!

  7. I would never want to be the president of the US. That's got to very discouraging to hear negative remarks said about you before, during and after your the president. One of my brothers became an American and he voted for Obama. Toughest job in the world if you ask me, being the leader of your country.
    Melanie Goyeau

  8. Hey Melanie, thanks for coming to my blog! I agree with you. That job is stressful enough without the attacks he's been getting. Even when it was announced that he won the Nobel Peace Prize people had bad things to say about it. I just hope some day soon his dreams can become reality and finally people will say how great he was afterall. It's surely one of my prayers anyway.


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