My New Office... Sort of.

I had an eye Dr appt last week. First one ever. Found out I need glasses for being slightly near sighted. Not necessary to function, but the glasses will make me more comfortable. When I told the Dr about my work and how it was hard to work with the computer screen in the dark, he said I *have* to work in a well lit area.

So, I came home and assessed the situation. And here is the result:

Yes that is a washing machine you see next to my desk...

My new office is in my laundry room. I am getting SO MUCH laundry done now! LOL

I lost my lovely window however, so I picked up this great picture on clearance at KMart for $7!

It's worked out very well so far. My next project is decluttering my bedroom and turning it into an awesome retreat for my hubby and me.