Not a good day

I have been sick for over a week. I have not been able to do any cooking or baking or even make my kids' lunches. It's been a really crappy week.

Last night and today have just been the icing on the top of the crap cake. Last night I felt up to baking finally, and I had just restocked flour and sugar etc. So I decided to tackle the deep dish apple pie recipe I'd been itching to try. I wanted to try making my own pie crust and go all out with the double crust apple pie. Well, everything was going great til I realized I was out of cinnamon. I searched and searched, but found nothing to even replace it. So, now I have a gorgeous pie that no one will eat, even my husband. it tastes awful.

So I had pie crust balls left and I wanted to try one more time at something good to redeem myself. So I rolled out the crust, put it in the pie pan and baked it. it looked perfect, like the store bought ones, but better. Then I went to make the chocolate pudding to make the filling. I was SO looking forward to a chocolate meringue pie. So, I get the pudding out of the pantry, and both boxes are instant... SIGH.

I'm done.

If I even attempt to bake something again, it will be a while or I will have to be in a MUCH better mood. I'm ready to toss it all out and never pick up a measuring spoon again.


  1. I hope you're feeling better! Do give yourself a break! No one is at their best when they don't feel well. I'm surprised you tried something new when you weren't feeling a 100%

    Pie crust freezes. So just stick it in the freezer and wait till you have all the ingredients for either pie and have a go at it again. I can't believe not having cinnamon would make a pie unedible. Not having sugar would make a pie unedible - sometimes I don't use cinnamon only a bit of vanilla extract.

    Take care!


  2. Hi thanks Manuela. I did stick the crust in the freezer. I like to bake new things. I love the excitement and unknown, besides baking relaxes me. It's my one real stress-reliever. So when it turned out badly, it did the opposite effect than it should have. The pie isn't totally inedible, but it's not very appetizing. It called for nutmeg and cinnamon. So it's very nutmeggy. It's ok with ice cream on it, but we ran out heh. I'm sure it'll get eaten.


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