Another Special Request

I had posted once before about Suzanne from Chickens in the Road blog. She is a finalist in the SAM-e Good Mood Blogger job contest. It's a great opportunity and Suzanne really deserves this. It's gone to the second round of voting, and the entries had to submit videos. I've embedded Suzanne's video below. PLEASE VOTE FOR SUZANNE!! Thank you all so much!

Also, please stop by Chickens in the Road and check out her blog. It's got such great photos of her farm and animals as well as awesome how-to posts on all sorts of self-sufficient tips, cooking, farming, etc. Even if you aren't a farmer and don't see yourself doing that sort of thing, it's great to watch Suzanne as she learns from trial and error about the things she's never done before. There's also a forums area over there, and the people are so great! Check it out!


  1. great post as ever ! have a fab weekend

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Patty!

    This is a wonderful tribute to Suzanne! We've got to keep the momentum going!!! :)

    Now, I'm off to look at the rest of your blog, it looks so cute....and I understand chaotic! LOL!


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