Catchup, Sort of.

Hello again everyone who might actually read this! :)

I had planned on blogging all throughout Thanksgiving week and chronicle the prep I did, but by then I was too tired and not inclined to sit at the computer more than necessary.

I started working Day Shift on Monday. I did have 3 days to get used to the new "normal" sleep pattern, but it didn't help a whole lot. Monday after work (7:15pm) I took the turkey out of the freezer as well as the chicken for the dressing. The girls and I made pumpkin pies and banana pudding. (I will not make the banana pudding so far ahead next time!) Also, boiled eggs for deviled eggs and the dressing.

Tuesday I got the chicken in the stock pot to cook for the dressing. After work, the girls and I made the dressing and after that, I was done for the night. It's a labor intensive dish! I didn't bake it, just put it together.

Wednesday after work, we made deviled eggs and the two chocolate meringue pies. We decided to wait til Thursday morning to bake the home made cornmeal yeast rolls. Oh, and we also baked the HUGE sweet potatoes which I left in the oven overnight to soften a little more.

Thursday, hubby had to work 12-5pm and I worked 10:45-7:15, so we got the turkey going in the morning. Rhiannon, my 13 yr old made the bread dough and got the rolls baking in the small countertop oven we usually have in storage. Potatoes cooked on the stove for mashed potatoes later. After hubby came home, the turkey was finally done and we got the rest of the dishes fixed and in the oven. We sat down to eat soon after I got off work. My Mother in law did not get to come eat with us, and there was no other family visiting, so it just the ...5 of us. Corina was at her fiance's house having dinner with them. She and Tyler and his cousin did come over after we'd eaten, so they sat down to eat together. It just didn't FEEL like Thanksgiving. I'm also very much not in the mood to decorate for Christmas.

Friday, after hubby and I got off work, he took me to a movie. It was the first time we'd been to a theater to see a movie in months. Old Dogs looked really dumb, and we didn't want to see anything else in town, so we went to the next town and saw Men Who Stare At Goats. I like Koehn Brothers films, so I really liked it. I don't think Christopher was impressed.

Saturday and Sunday he worked 12 hour days, though he did go out after work Sat at 11pm with his sister and her husband who were in town passing through after spending the holiday with the grandparents in Florida. They kept him out til 2am. I didn't go, because I was sick. I'm glad he got to go have fun, but part of me would prefer he'd have come home to take care of me (but that's selfish I know), and I'm glad I was too sick to go, because the place they took him was not somewhere I'd be caught dead in. I guess I've turned into an old fogey.

I was sick the whole weekend and just didn't feel up to cleaning the bedroom which still isn't done. I had sworn I would get it done by Thanksgiving, but it just didn't happen. I'm just hoping I can keep babystepping til I get it all done and keep it clean.

I'm off to work on it now.