Day 4 of the Flylady Babysteps

Ok, yeah it's Friday, not Thursday. So this post is technically about yesterday.

Did not do as well as I should have. The little things that most women do without even thinking come hard for me as I drag myself out of the depths of self-pity.

I did get dressed to lace up shoes, and I did brush my hair. The washcloth I had disappeared, so no face scrubbing... I did one load of laundry all day. Of course my mother in law came over for Family Dinner Night and did 3 loads of hers, but I'm not sure I would have done more of my own if she hadn't been here. It's pretty sad when my office where I work from home 8 hours a day is IN THE LAUNDRY ROOM and I still can't get caught up on laundry.

But anyway, So here is Day 4 of FlyLady's Babysteps. I'm supposed to continue doing what I was doing and also write them down on post-its to remember to do them. Well, I don't need to be reminded to put on my shoes or shine my sink. I've been doing Flylady so long it's ingrained in DNA, but I did write a post it to remind myself to make sure we called about getting the city trash pickup service. I talked my hubby into doing it since everytime I called, no one ever answered. They're dropping off the can on Monday Yay!

I didn't actually shine my sink last night *gasp*. I feel guilty too. I don't think I'll let it happen again. It wasn't bad. It had one bowl in it that was soaking and wouldn't fit in the dishwasher, but still it wasn't shiny.

I did however have a very very long soak in the tub with music and Aveeno moisturizing bubblebath stuff. Oh that felt nice. On my regular shift, I don't get off work til 3:15am, and I just don't want to take a bath at 3:30 in the morning. But on Day 4, I worked 10:45am - 7:15pm so, it was a more "normal" day.

It was Family Dinner Night, and we had a HUGE pork roast we'd gotten on sale. I was supposed to put it in the crockpot that morning when I got Zoe up and off to school, but I forgot... until 1pm. I put it in on High, but it wasn't done at 5pm. So I had hubby stick it in the oven for a couple of hours and it STILL wasn't done. It was a huge roast. Had to crank up the temp on the oven and put it in another hour. Finally it was done. I don't like eating dinner that late though. It led right into people watching TV, and we never sat down to play any games together. Well, the two middle schoolers had a dance to go to anyway. There's always something.

I think though, when (well if) I ever go to days full time, I'll be able to get more of a routine going. Right now I can't drag myself out of bed before 9am... ok 9:30 and I'm still wanting to stay up late. It's just as if a normal person was suddenly doing a nightshift job. It takes time to acclimate.

I am hoping Day 5 goes better. :)