One of the perks to working days is getting to read emails and blogs as people are actually writing them, not after they've gone to bed. The first one I see every day is The Pioneer Woman. I love seeing the posts about the ranch, but I really love the ones she's doing about the Book Tour she's doing to promote her #1 New York Times Bestselling Cookbook, The Pioneer Woman Cooks.

I bought this cookbook 2 days after it was released. I made a special trip for it and even Tweeted about my frustration that the first books store did not have it and wouldn't til the next month! Sacrilege! I LOVE IT!! It has awesome photographs, great stories from her blog, and it even has MM's real name! (And some of those beloved Wrangler shots! *swoon*!)

So, what's exciting is that Ree (That's PW) is coming kinda sorta close to us for her book signing... in Nashville!!! Ok, so it's a 4+ hour drive in good traffic, but OMG the opportunity to see her in person is just too much to pass up.

Maybe if I cross all my fingers and toes MM will come with her. Maybe he's always wanted to see Nashville! He can wear his hat and fit right in AND it's a city! Ok, so that's probably true of Tulsa, Austin, OK City and all those other places, but hey it's Music City USA! Oh please tell me he's a country music fan and makes the trip!!

Well, even if he doesn't show and doesn't sign the pic of his beloved Wranglers on the back cover, I will still get to meet Ree and have her sign my book. It's on December 8th, and my hubby and I have already gotten approved to have the 8th and 9th off work. He's so sweet to come with me, but he really digs her cookbook too, and he's got a thing for redheads LOL. So, anyway, we're going to stay in a hotel the night of the 8th since we might be in line for a couple hours (hoping to get there early though) and then the drive back is 4 hours. So, we'll have part of the day on the 9th to look around Nashville. I've lived in TN for 39 years and never been to Nashville. Is that sad or what?

Anyway, I just felt the need to gush and be a little fanatic stalker-ish since I've seen all these other blogs talking about how they've already gotten to meet her and even had MM sign their books. *JEALOUS*!

Y'all have a great Friday the 13th!!