I've found my inspiration!! Finally!

Ok, so you know I was doing the FlyLady 31 Beginner babysteps, right? You know the last two I'd posted about didn't really have my heart in it. Well, I've been barely scraggling by... today I didn't put on my lace up shoes cause all my socks were dirty. I did have a pair of slip on shoes I had to put on to go pay bills and go grocery shopping. I've not been shining my sink, but I have been trying to at least make sure it's not full overnight with dirty dishes. Some nights I did not succeed.

So, I thought to myself that there had to be more of a reason to get it clean. I needed some accountability. I tried getting it from making myself tell the world how bad I am at it, but it's not helping. My family could care less. They're so used to living in a mess, that I think they prefer it messy. My husband is not thrilled at the mounds of laundry we practically have to crawl over to get to bed. And I KNOW in my mind and heart that I am supposed to be his Helpmeet and keep the home nice and keep him happy... but I've got a big old case of the "I don't cares". I'm not sure if the Depression is coming back because of the season. My mother died in 2005 on November 18th. That's tomorrow. has that been at the back of my mind? Have I subconsciously been slipping back into sadness? Possibly.

So, how to fight it? Well, I have to MAKE myself WANT to make Thanksgiving special. It's been hard since we used to go to mom's every Thanksgiving, and it was a big part of our lives and memories. Now, we stay home, and have my Mother in law over for dinner, but it's just really kind of like any other Family Dinner Night when she comes to visit and do her laundry.

I have to somehow make it more special. Well, this year, I will likely be working on the day. Not sure which shift yet. My boss did say if I have to start covering the other girl's maternity leave before Thanksgiving, then I can have the day off. So, we'll see.

We always had dinner at Mom's at lunch time. Had to get the food out of the way to allow for football all evening haha. We weren't a big football family really, but it was just tradition to do it early. So, we'll do that here as well. I am praying my husband doesn't have to work all day. As a manager he has to work some of the day. Hopefully he can open and come home early.

He asked me weeks ago if we can go "all out" this year. I know that means he wants my Mom's recipe dressing (which is AMAZING), and whole baked sweet potatoes drenched in butter (none of that marshmallow stuff for us. We prefer the whole baked sweet potatoes in the skin. SO GOOD! mashed potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole (from his family - we never had it in the South), tons of other sides as well, and then of course, chocolate meringue pies and pumpkin pies.

Well, I want my house clean for this! I can't have Thanksgiving for the first time in our new home and have the house be filthy! So, it's GOT to be clean. I want to be able to sit at that table and be thankful for my beautiful huge master bedroom that's clean and peaceful and comfortable... for my clean, spotless kitchen, for my neat and clean living room, and for a clear hallway where you see all my kids pictures instead of noticing any dirty clothes that are usually all over the hallway floors. (No idea why that happens... do they get undressed walking TO their room??)
Of course I'll be thankful for many other things as well!

So,... I have like a week! ACK! I still can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving. I'm sorry, but it REALLY does not feel like it should be yet. It's going so fast!

So, I'm going to get dressed to shoes each day (or at least put on my Crocs) and keep my kitchen clean and shiny before bed each night/morning. But other than that, I am tacking the laundry and the master bedroom until both are all done. I promised my husband that half that room could be his "man cave" where he could get away from us 5 females, but it's far from a welcoming den. It's time to change that, for him and for myself. I know once that room is clean, the rest of the house will start to fall into place.

That's my theory anyway. Got to try something!


  1. Patty would you like a accountablity partner? A long time ago I was in a Yahoo group where we would list our daily to do's and then as we finished a task we would post and people would cheer us on or urge us to keep going.I'd be glad to be your partner if you would like.I'm a Flylady failure-she & my ADHD doesn't click but I do know her program rather well.

  2. Jane that would be awesome! I just read your blog post and it was like I could have written most of it! I know what you mean about FlyLady and ADHD. Writing the routines down in the book is all well and good til I forget to open the book for weeks. Post It notes don't work, because I see them and get annoyed at myself.
    The Yahoo group you describe is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for. I joined a few, but they turned out to just all be gossip or no one ever posted on them.
    So, would we send each other our to-do lists through email or what?

  3. Thanks for the welcome.I've been here for like 3 yrs but I actually prefer my diary on Open Diary.I piddle and delete on blogger :-)
    If you would like we could set it up like Yahoo had theirs:you can email me your to do list and when you complete a few things send that to me and I'll do my best to cheer you on.I'll do the same if you like.
    I know how it is to struggle with housework.I envy the people that it just comes naturally to.It's a endless job and no one will ever thank you for keeping the toilet clean or the dish washer dehaired.
    My email is jane70@gmail.com


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