My Three Day Weekend

I did already write about my Friday, but here's what happened the rest of this weekend.

We have a swamp or moat starting to form around our home. I asked Christopher to get up under the house and see what was causing it. Looks like some bad plumbing job that was done before we moved in that's gotten worse. It's gotten to where the washing machine drain water is just gushing onto the ground below our mobile home. I'm hoping it's not gone beyond just the washing machine. He did fix an issue we've had with the tub as well. There have been times we can see daylight through the drain in the tub! Finally, he got under there and found the trouble and fixed it. Something had popped off, so it wasn't completely attached. I'm thinking the people who lived here before us really wanted to do some damage to this place when they were kicked out or whatever... actually that's a whole other blog post. I will just say that sometimes I feel like this was a crime scene straight off CSI.

Later on, while I was grocery shopping for this week and Thanksgiving, Christopher started working on our master bathroom.

Here is the dreaded before pic...

And here's how it looks right now... Sunday night.

Yeah, so much for us getting stuff done on our weekend off haha. Thank goodness there's a working toilet in the main bathroom! But we had a fabulous weekend with friends and family...

I had him stop working on the floor Saturday around 5pm, so we could go to a friend's house. Our friend has something wrong with him. He collapsed at work one day and has been home on almost all bedrest and undergoing testing ever since. I'm not sure if it was a heart attack or not, but he has a stress test this week and has to wear a heart halter monitor for 21 days. Previous tests have not shown anything conclusive. So, a bunch of us in our gaming group went to he and his wife's house for the evening and sat around eating fresh baked banana bread and drinking coffee and playing games and talking and talking and talking. I think all of us were so thankful to finally get a chance to get together with other adults who aren't co-workers, and just relax. We got home around midnight, then had to be at church this morning. We skipped Sunday School (mostly because we never really study much.) It's all very unorganized and there's no book we use or anything. It's taught by the new associate pastor and he ends up repeating everything he says in his class in his sermons anyway. But this morning was the senior pastor's retirement transition message. He's not leaving though, just retiring and becoming a layperson in the church. He's very adamant that we don't continue to think of him as the pastor after Jan 1st. Thankfully everyone likes the associate pastor who's taking over.

Well, anyway, after that was over, we went to a local town to look around and go to the mall, and just hang out together. We had all four girls with us, which hardly ever happens. Corina (the oldest) is usually with her fiance and his family. But today, it was just an old fashioned day out with all 6 of us and no one else. We all agreed it was nice (though her fiancee would not stop calling and bugging her. Needy... sheesh)

We decided having a good day out together was more important than getting that floor done tonight. Christopher said he'd do it tomorrow since he gets off work at 3pm. It is already a vast improvement over the nasty carpet that was there before. Even with the toilet still sitting in the tub, I like it already! If you notice in that before pic up there, the floor in front of the toilet is stained darker than the rest, well that's where it's almost always wet from some leak. Christopher said when he took out the old toilet, he thinks he finally figured out where it was coming from. We never could figure it out while the toilet was still in place.

So, overall, it's been a great weekend. Very productive. Family time. Good friends. A great way to start a week that's going to be busy, and a new experience in many ways. It will be my first full week on Day shift, and it will be our first Thanksgiving in our new home. I am really looking forward to this holiday, even though hubby and I both have to work it. We'll still find time for the parade on TV, hot apple cider and hot chocolate, getting the turkey in the oven and a lot will be cooked ahead of time, and we'll be able to have a great dinner together with my mother in law, and Corina's fiancee in addition to the six of us. I'll be posting my Thanksgiving Day menu this week sometime when I get the chance. It'll help me be organized with it too. Need to determine what needs to be baked and cooked ahead of time. It'll be a challenge, but I'm up for it!

Have to get that bedroom finished and quit procrastinating with it, just get 'er done! LOL Then get that kitchen spotless, make sure the "good china" is all clean and the linens are ready, etc. most of all, NO STRESS! I won't let stress steal my peace this year. It will be a true time of Giving Thanks.