November 17th To - Do List

Ok, it's just over 1 week til Thanksgiving! I want my master bedroom DONE and the rest of house clean and decluttered.

Tuesday November 17th To Do List

  • Reboot Laundry continually
  • Get the clean laundry all folded and sorted into stacks
  • Make the girls put their stacks into their drawers and closets.
  • Strip the bed and put on new sheets and winter duvet.
  • Clear off top of chest of drawers in my bedroom.
  • Start a big trash bag full of clothes to take to charity thrift store
  • Keep a trash bag in the bedroom and pick up trash as I see it.
  • Keep a bag marked and ready to put in summer clothes for storage.
  • Clear off the bench at the foot of our bed.
  • Get kids to unload dishwasher when they get home.
  • Remind Faelyn she is grounded (No TV, computer or MP3 player-so says her dad)
  • Get kids to sit down at the table and do their home work.
  • Get kids to clear off dining table and set it for dinner.
  • Make dinner. (Family Dinner Night)
  • Pack up any leftovers, clear the table, reload dishwasher and run it.
  • Have Corina sweep kitchen and mop it after dinner.
  • Tackle the pile of stuff on hubby's side of bed.
Now these probably won't all get done, but I can hope. I already feel more like I *NEED* to do them, because I've just told everyone I'm going to! I do have to start work at 6:45pm in my home office, so whatever I don't get done by then, I will need to do on breaks. Since hubby goes to bed at a normal time, I want to get most of the bedroom stuff done by then.

I will post again later with an update to what I get done. I might even post the dreaded "before" pic of my bedroom. Really, it's even worse than you imagine!

Ok, here goes!...


  1. Stopped by from Suzanne's.

    Having a to-do list helps me even if I don't get everything done.

    Hope yours is 100%.......done, that is!

    Have a blessed day


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