Still Around

Wanted to let everyone know I am still here. Life has been unusually chaotic lately!

Had some personal issues with the kids. Everyone's ok now, but we had a major scare Monday and there was an ambulance and police involved. It turned out to be nothing dangerous afterall, but it caused us to pause. The one it involved was watched and Hubby and I stayed out of work that night to make sure that person received the attention and love they needed. The next day, hubby had a long talk with the school principal and counselors so everyone is aware of any issues there may be.
But like I said, everyone is fine and life goes on. Just scary. One of those "It would never happen to my kids" moments.

Corina has been whining about a toothache so bad I finally had to take her to a clinic for pain meds and antibiotics. Three hours in the waiting room! There was a family there with Swine Flu too. I really hate going to clinics.

A dear friend of ours collapsed at work Friday. His wife had to call everyone that was going to their Halloween party while trying not to panic about her husband. By the time I talked to her, he was back home from the ER and was going to have tests run. They seem concerned with his heart. He'll have to wear a halter monitor and get an echo cardiogram and some other things. He's the same age my husband was when he had his heart attack. People used to say "You're too young to have a heart attack." (Age 36). But to be honest, a lot of the people we went to school with who are our age are having serious health problems. One of my best friends has had a stroke and has some tumors they're watching closely. Another has degenerative disk disease so bad she's already had one back surgery. None of us are even 40 yet. I hope this isn't a trend, and I really hope our kids don't have these problems at this age or anywhere near!

If life stops being hectic, I'll try to put up a proper blog post with pics from Halloween, and maybe post about the books I've been reading, or review The Pioneer Woman's cookbook which I LOVE! (I can't wait to go to her book signing in Nashville in December!) Or many other blog ideas I have. Hope everyone's have a great week and have a lot less chaos than I do!


  1. So sorry to hear what a time you've been having! I hope things calm down soon. I pray for God's peace to shelter your family and home!!

  2. Thanks Everybody's Mama! I think it's to the point that I can't just wait for peace to descend upon us. I have to force it to happen LOL.

  3. You know, Patty, I think you are on to something in that sometimes "peace" is a decision or choice! Have you ever known people who are like that? No matter what is going on in their life or surroundings they just have this calm gentleness about them? And it seems to spread to their surroundings when they come around...I really aspire to be like that. Maybe one day I will grow into it LOL


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