Thoughts on Tuesday and Wednesday's To-Do List

So yesterday I posted my "to do" list, and marked off what I got accomplished. I have to admit, posting it and showing it to anyone who may happen along here made me really want to get that list completed! I'll be doing that a lot more.

Last night right as I was to clock back in from my lunch break at work, my internet went out. It's obviously back now, but it's been very sketchy and I'm crossing my fingers it gets me through work tonight. I was about ready to throw my modem and router through the window today, but finally they started talking to each other again. Well, anyway, this issue left me with several hours to work around the house. I did sit and watch TV for a while, but I wasn't in the mood. I wanted to get more accomplished on the house.

It's very hard to clean a house when there are 5 other people sleeping in it. I kept laundry going continually, and straightened up the kitchen, then I decided what I wanted to do. I went outside (at midnight) and grabbed one of the storage tubs we had under the back deck. They had been in the shed at our old place, but since there is no shed here, they got put the only place we had. Fortunately, the lids sealed very well, and the stuff inside was all in good condition, although musty smelling. I have no idea how long the stuff had been in the tub. I sorted it into piles: Stuff I know sill fit a family member and they'll not hate, and stuff we must give away. Then I washed the stuff we're keeping and bagged up the rest. They'll get washed later when I am caught up on OUR clothes, and then taken to the thrift store that's got that big sign up asking for more donations. I then did the same with 2 more storage tubs. Found several pairs of jeans for my 7 yr old and a few things for me and hubby.

The outside of the tubs is nasty from being under that porch. I'm going to hose them off and scrub them down. Then they can be used for storage of seasonal clothes, tools, stuff, here in the house. There's room for one in the corner behind our bed I think, and I know we can fit a couple in Corina's closet. She even told me she doesn't use the closet at all. She keeps everything in her dresser. Very weird. I guess it comes from sharing a room with her sisters for so many years and the closet being stuffed full of stuff and dressers. They just never really ever hung clothes.

So, anyway, that's what happened yesterday.

Here is what I want to get done today!

Wednesday November 18th To Do List

Reboot laundry continually
Get Rhiannon from school at 4pm.
Clear off the top of Chinese Lacquer cabinet in master bedroom
Get as much of the pile of dirty clothes out of the bedroom as possible
Sort through one box of stuff that's not been unpacked yet and throw away the box.
Make Dinner
Wash/dry all the clothes I'm giving to thrift store and bag up & put in van.
Get Corina to do dishes and sweep/mop
Get Faelyn to clean the living room.
Get Zoe to scoop the litter box,
Have Zoe sit and do her reading homework and sign it off.
Start working on clearing out the back corner of bedroom with the gray chair.


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