Reboot laundry continually
Get Rhiannon from school at 4pm.
Clear off the top of Chinese Lacquer cabinet in master bedroom
Get as much of the pile of dirty clothes out of the bedroom as possible
Sort through one box of stuff that's not been unpacked yet and throw away the box.
Make Dinner
Wash/dry all the clothes I'm giving to thrift store and bag up & put in van. Half of them are in the washer now.
Get Corina to do dishes and sweep/mop
Get Faelyn to clean the living room.
Get Zoe to scoop the litter box,
Have Zoe sit and do her reading homework and sign it off.
Start working on clearing out the back corner of bedroom with the gray chair.

Not getting as much done today as I wanted. Really working on laundry more than I did yesterday. Folding and sorting is taking a lot of time. I have gotten some of the big pile from our room, but not enough to mark it off yet. I'm winding down now a lot more than I was this time yesterday. Most likely due to having gotten up at 10am to take my hubby to work, so I could have the van, then I went to pay bills and got some pantry basics at the new grocery store that opened today and is having huge sales. (That was a long sentence!) Now I'm working, and I'm assigned to a much busier area and can't run and grab a load of laundry or clear off something as easily. Will try to get more done asap!


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