Update so far!

Ok, here's the list with the things I've gotten done marked out:

  • Reboot Laundry continually
  • Get the clean laundry all folded and sorted into stacks
  • Make the girls put their stacks into their drawers and closets.
  • Strip the bed and put on new sheets and winter duvet.
  • Clear off top of chest of drawers in my bedroom.
  • Start a big trash bag full of clothes to take to charity thrift store
  • Keep a trash bag in the bedroom and pick up trash as I see it.
  • Keep a bag marked and ready to put in summer clothes for storage.
  • Clear off the bench at the foot of our bed.
  • Get kids to unload dishwasher when they get home.
  • Remind Faelyn she is grounded (No TV, computer or MP3 player-so says her dad)
  • Get kids to sit down at the table and do their home work. (Had Zoe do a page of math facts, and Corina went to her room to study. The other two won't listen to me - nothing new.)
  • Get kids to clear off dining table and set it for dinner. (I had to get to work, and left that task with hubby to do. I think they all ate in front of the TV instead. :o/ )
  • Make dinner. (Family Dinner Night)
  • Pack up any leftovers, clear the table, reload dishwasher and run it.
  • Have Corina sweep kitchen and mop it after dinner. -----(forgot about this one when she asked to go to her boyfriend's house after she finished her homework) She did sweep it before dinner however.
  • Tackle the pile of stuff on hubby's side of bed. (Will try to get to this before he goes to bed, but has to be on my breaks during work.)


  1. You did a great job You got a lot accomplished.

  2. Thanks Jane! It felt good to get it done. :)


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