Update to Friday's To Do List (with a before pic!)

**UPDATE** I marked off more things I got done today. :)

I lost a follower... this bothers me. I'm sad. Did they not like my blog anymore? Did I say something to offend? Did they just delete their account? Did they decide to clean up their feed of followed blogs to ones they're really interested in? Oh well.

Ok, so here's what I've gotten done so far... yeah it's not much. Some days the ADD wins and some days I overcome. My youngest decided she didn't want to wait at the bus stop anymore and came back home and then of course missed the bus. I didn't have a vehicle here, so she had to stay home. I didn't get to bed til nearly 8am, and then she decided to wake me every half hour or so to ask me questions that really could have waited til I woke up. I feel like a zombie.

My to-do list for Friday November 20, 2009
  • Get the girls up for school.
  • Make the bed.
  • Get ready for the day, including hair, face, teeth, shoes etc.
  • Continue with rebooting laundry all day (someday it will all get done!)
  • Unload dishwasher
  • Get new trash bag and pick up trash in the bedroom as I come across it.
  • Clear off Chinese lacquer cabinet
  • Get one of the cleaned, empty storage tubs and start filling with stuff taking up room in the bedroom.
  • Get at least one box emptied and stuff sorted and put away or tossed. Throw out box.
  • Get another storage tub and put the circular saw, drill, misc tools etc in it. (Yes those have been stored in my bedroom too!)
  • Start working on that corner with the gray chair.
  • Make dinner
  • Have kids pick up in living room and dining area and clear the table.
  • After dinner, pack up leftovers, clear dishes, reload dishwasher.
  • Play games with the kids.
  • ***ADDED*** Watch Star Trek DVD with the kids, complete with popcorn and brownies
  • 10:00 Date Night DVDs with my hubby. :)

Ok, time to get into that bedroom and make a bigger dent.

And just to let you all know what I am dealing with, here's a pic of what it looked like before I started... I told you it was bad... Yes I am ashamed I let it get that bad. I'm not even sure why the clothes started piling up there.

It certainly didn't always look like that...
This is how it looked right after we moved in.

Time to uncover my beautiful, tranquil master bedroom and get rid of this clutter!


  1. You can do it.It looks a little over whelming but just remember:take a little bit at a time.Set a timer for 15 minutes,work at it till it dings and then grab a cup of tea or something.Take a 15 minute breather & then go tackle it for another 15 minutes.
    I don't know about you but if I try to do it all in one day or all at once I get burned out and it ends up looking twice as bad as when I started.
    I belive Flylady would say "baby steps"

  2. Jane, yep, definitely baby steps. :) It's taken several days just to get this far. I really want to get it done, but I don't want to get burnt out like you said. I'm just keeping my mind on how it will look when I'm done.

  3. I got on this afternoon but with the glare from the sun, I couldn't read the words. However I could see the pictures.
    I thought this little tidbit might motivate and encourage you. When I was on earlier, my 5 year old daughter came up behind me and saw the clean, tranquil picture of your bedroom. She said,"Oooh, Mommy that's pretty! Is that where we stay at the beach?" :)

  4. Oh thank you so so so much EM!! Please give your 5 yr old a big hug from me :) I feel even more encouraged now. :)

  5. Don't be sad about losing a follower- I just signed up to follow your blog-so now you've gained one.;)

    Your before pics of your bedroom are so pretty.

  6. Hi 4littleladybugs! Thanks so much!! :)


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