Hello Again!

Hello again Internet!

I took a few weeks off from blogging. There were a few reasons. One was my new work schedule allowed me to be off in the evenings and I became addicted to television and several DVD shows. I even got into the fan fics of "What happened after the final episode?" type stuff. So basically I escaped reality for a while.

My house and kids were the ones who suffered from this I assure you and I feel horrible for it. I've come back to blogland to try to get myself more motivated to fix some serious problems *I* have. It's not the kids or the house or life in general... it's me that needs a swift kick is the ass.

First of all, I am writing from the gut, the heart,... not just the nicey nice stuff people want to read about like new curtains and tablescapes... though I might still post about those if I feel like it. This blog is my diary, even though the whole world could read it. I know the last few months of it were pretty rough and not always a pretty or fun-to-read post... and it may get worse before it gets better.

But it's going to be real.

I'm going to try to actually take pics and get them off my camera too. There is nothing more boring than an all-text blog. BLECH!