I Want This!

I have moved my desk and I LOVE IT HERE! I'll take pics of how it all looks now and post about it soon.

Today's post however is about how I have ALWAYS wanted a KitchenAid Mixer, since as early as I can remember... well as a married woman of course. I don't think I really *wanted* one when I was 10, but maybe I did!

THIS is the one I want.

It's called Pistachio. I just LOVE the color. It really goes nicely with my kitchen colors and my future collection of Jadeite that I will someday also have.
Well, I do have mt first piece of the collection!

So, what would I do with a pistachio KitchenAid? Make bread!!!!! The one thing really holding me back from making home made whole wheat bread for the family is the kneading and sticky goopy mess. I don't know why. I loved getting messy as a kid, but now, no so much. And I'm lazy. If the mixer will do it for me, than YAY!

So, just wanted to share that with everyone. See ya!


  1. I love the color
    I've been wanting for a while also but they are crazy expensive

  2. OK that mixer is so nice! Just think of the endless possibilities of things you could make!

  3. It is not a matter of want, Patty, it is a matter of need. You need a KA mixer. I have had mine since I was twenty years of age ( I bought it for myself for my birthday)...yes, that means I have had it for 27 years! Yikes! I use it a lot and I use it on tough items like bread and cake decorating frosting. My kitchen would be less without it. I love the color you have picked out. Mine is the cobalt blue. If ever I needed another it might have to be red, or pink, or turquoise! There are now so many choices! ~Kelly

  4. I totally like how you think Kelly! I NEED a Kitchen Aid ;) Now to tell the Hubs. :) Oooh I do have a birthday coming up!

  5. oooh yes! Orignally I wanted red but were going green in my kitchen and that is EXACTLY the color i want!


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