Playing Catchup, Again

Well, here it is heading into the later part of February. So I wondered to I give an update post letting the world know what has been going on, or just go from here. Hmmm well, I'll just hit the highlights.

I am obsessed with the miniseries Alice that was on SyFy in early December. Hatter is amazing, and I'm totally crushing on him even though I am 9 years older than the actor, Andrew-Lee Potts, but that's ok. I'm not old enough to be his Mom HAHA!

I even got my hubby to wear a hat which he now loves and wears everytime we go out. He says people treat him better when he's wearing a hat. It's sexy!

We got the family a Wii for new years' since we couldn't afford it at Christmas. We got the Disney Dance Dance Revolution since it came with two dance mats. The kids play it all the time, though not as much as they did in the beginning. The older lazier ones gave up on it, and the younger energetic ones play it. I guess it's better than nothing. I hate to think every could months I have to buy a new active game to keep them moving and playing.

I had originally wanted to start doing the dance workout program on it, but I won't do it in front of the kids and it's snowed SO MUCH here that they seem to be home more often than not. So, I still haven't really used it at all. I danced maybe two games vs my hubby and once vs a kid, then I played bowling a couple times. I don't even know how to hook it up and turn it on. Sigh. I feel like my mom when we got a VCR.

Valentines Day was my 3rd daughter's birthday. She turned 12. I was so glad to be able to get her nice gifts this year. On Satureday, we took her and the 7 and 13 yr olds to Knoxville to a used book store where her sisters got her some mangas and she bought a CD. Then we went to two big malls and walked around and just had fun. They got candy and drinks, and on our way home we drove through the city and by the river and UT, and stopped for all you can eat ribs. On Sunday we all slept in to recover from such a long day and we got her gifts. She got a pink DSi, a new cell phone with a built in radio and MP3 player and earbuds to go with it. Her birthday cake was a huge variety cheesecake because she hates normal cake and frosting. Strange child. So that was a good day. I ended up spending more than I should and am now trying to figure out how to pay the electric bill... but if things were all good and easy it would NOT be MY life! HAH

When we got our tax refund, almost all of it went to HUGE Dr bills from last year to keep us out of the courtroom. That sucked, let me tell you. To find out nearly the whole thing would be gone before we even got it... really sucked. We did have enough to get our oldest daughter something she needed now, but it's her birthday and graduation present. It's a 1986 red longbed Chevy C10 Silverado with a new sweet stereo system with a CD player and MP3 player attachment. It also has a custom 350 engine installed.

It's a very powerful serious truck for a 17 yr old girl, but she loves it. She's still getting used to a carburetor and having to let it warm up. She needed it because she got a job at McDonalds, and it was just getting too difficult to get her and her dad to work and back with one vehicle, especially when I was working too. She says they said she's their best cashier which I'm proud of, but it's sad, she's been there less than a month! She is starting to get a lot more hours though. She has 23 this week which is way more than she used to get. I'm secretly glad (well now the world knows!) because the longer she's at work, the less time she's with her "fiance". But we won't get into that right now.

My hubby is supposed to finally get a bonus this year. They won't say how much or when. last year was his first year being eligible for one and they froze them due to the economy. So, we're really glad he gets one this year.

I'm having to re-file our taxes with a 1040X amendment form to claim our homebuyer's tax credit. Since we *needed* that tax refund immediately, I went ahead and e-filed our taxes without the house tax credit, so we would get the normal refund quickly. In order to file for the tax credit, you have to mail it in, you can't e-file, and you have to attach all the right forms and copies of proof documents etc. Of course it takes a while to get there by snail mail and then the lady on the IRS line said to allow 8-16 weeks..... 16 weeks??!!?! Good LORD! So IF I ever see that money, it will be a surprise and a miracle.

Meanwhile I sit here looking a a too-small checking account balance knowing the electric ill has to be paid or they'll turn it off, and I paid the cable bill and forgot it was about to come out of the account as well... sigh. Someday we'll get it right. I just thank the good Lord, my sweet Savior that we are making the money needed to overcome these things and still somehow provide for our self-absorbed lazy kids. I just wish we had a paycheck coming a lot sooner than it is... I honestly have no idea how we're going to get out of this one. Sigh.

I'll post again if I still have internet and power and do not freeze to death.


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