Before Pics of the Scary Messy Desk

So a few months back, I kind of disappeared from my blog after promising to post photos of where I moved my desk when I decided I didn't want to be stuck back in the laundry room anymore. Well, I'm back and I have finally taken pics of the desk and kitchen. I much prefer being in this central location, but I *really* have to figure out a better system for *STUFF*. The whole family believes if they don't know where something goes, or if it looks important, it has to go on Mom's desk. Sigh. I'm just glad I'm now so close to the HUGE kitchen trash can, or the desk mess would be even worse!

Ok, so here it goes! Consider these "Before pictures" because I am totally going to get my desk cleaned off. Really! I warn you, it's really bad...

See I told you!

But I do really love where it is. I can see the TV from my desk chair, but if I need to work and concentrate, I can put my headphones on and ignore the TV since it's not right in my face.

This is one of my favorite new things I've done. I decided to turn this area into sort of a breakfast bar. Since the girls are home and out of school for the summer, and I sleep during the day, they need food that's good for them and easy to make and access. There's pop tarts, as well as instant oatmeal, fresh fruit, cereal bars, and the bread box has english muffins and bagels as well as whole wheat bread. I love having my electric kettle there too, since it makes it very easy to make my tea when I'm working. And I can get a healthy snack easy too.

This is the buffet that I moved sideways to kind of help partition off my desk area part of the kitchen. I really love how this turned out. It'll look better and make more sense when we finally get our new dining table. The table will go basically in front of that buffet, but there will be plenty of room all around the table, so no one is stuck up against the wall like they were when we had the HUGE farm table there. It'll also be kind of in front of the window looking out onto the backyard and trees. That'll be nice. I can't wait to get it and have us all sit down to dinner and then play Scrabble and Boggle! Now that Corina's graduation is over and all those school trips are done, I can finally save money for other stuff!
So, my house is coming together and back from the brink of chaos and my insanity... section by section. Babystepping. Nice and slow so I don't get burnt out, and it stays organized and clean after I'm done with each section. So far so good anyway!

I think next (well after cleaning off my desk), I'm going to tackle more of my bedroom. It's such a HUGE room and has so much clutter STILL left from when we moved, I'm having trouble getting it the way I like it, and still have room to store everything. I just hate having boxes of stuff I am having trouble parting with for sentimental reasons - when all it really does is take up space. I'm working on that though. Must declutter and just keep the stuff I love, use or need.

I have the next two days off YAY! Have a great weekend y'all!


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