I Put the Table in Layaway - Online!

Ok, so I decided today that I really really want that table and table and chairs at KMart that I posted a picture of a few days ago.

I walked by it in the store a couple days ago, and it was normally $279 and on sale for $255, and even though our store discount covers local sales tax, it was still a bit steep for me. (I'm getting much tighter in my spending overall. It's refreshing!

Well, tonight I got an email saying the online store was having a sale, so I went and checked it out, and even googled KMart coupon codes I could use as well. The deal ended up being too good to pass up! I was even able to put it into layaway since my local store has the set, and I just had to pay the first payment down on it online. I got it for $202 plus tax etc brought it to $227 total :D I was *REALLY* wishing we had a Sears credit card since that allows us to use our store discount online, but we DO NOT NEED another credit card in our lives. Maybe later on when we're out of debt, have good credit again and can handle it, we'll get a Sears card (ONLY) just for things like this. I could have saved an additional $25 with the discount, and that's nothing to sneeze at.

So, it's all saved for me now. I am glad. I plan to pay it off ASAP and go pick it up and bring it home. I'm looking forward to setting a table again, and playing games with the family at the table.

Well, anyway just wanted to cheer about it a little and it doesn't hurt my hubby's company any to remind people KMart not only STILL has layaway (unlike the big You-Know-Who-Mart) but you can also put stuff into layaway online! Very much awesomeness!

Ok, I need to get some sleep! Have a great day!


  1. I didn't know K Mart had layaway. Neat. :)

    New furniture is exciting. I like getting something new because then I get to rearrange all of my old stuff to make it fit.
    Keeping your furniture always in the same spot can get boring. ;P

  2. Hubby came home from work (He's the Assistant manager at the local KMart) and said my table was all tucked away safe and sound in layaway and everyone there was so impressed with how cheap I got the table for. :D Yay! Haha!

    I have moved furniture in this new house SO many times since we moved in, but mainly because I wanted it to be more comfy for everyone. When we got the Wii and DDR dance mats, we really had to re-do it to make room. I think I really like where everything is now and there is a spot awaiting the table and chairs. Ooooh I can't wait!! :D


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