Last Day Off and Laundry

So today was the last of my 4 days off.

O. M. G. am I SORE!!!!

Saturday I didn't do a whole lot during the day except spend time with the family just hanging out. That evening is when I decided to make a change in my plans. Instead of renting the Rug Doctor, I decided to get something for my laundry room I have been wanting (and I am NOT kidding) about ten to fifteen years.

As many readers know, I am in sort of my "dream home" compared to where I lived for basically the second 20 years of my life. In that old house, the laundry was kind of right in the hallway in the doorway to the girls' room and the bathroom. There was just not really room for any real laundry stuff, but I tried. I had 3 tall plastic hampers that I tried to keep labeled for whites, darks, and colors, but the kids would sit on them, they'd get overstuffed, and then the dirty stuff just overflowed from them, they got filled with whatever got thrown in the hallway... it made me crazy and sad.

All those years I dreamed of having a real laundry room. And now I have one. But I still didn't have a good system for sorting things. I've got hampers in the bedrooms and one in the girls' bathroom as well, so the laundry doesn't really pile up in the laundry room (except that time the washer died - but I'm trying to forget that ever happened.) The problem is, when I have the kids bring me their hampers or I get our laundry, I may not have a whole load of whites yet, or maybe I'll have two loads of colors and only one of darks, and I don't really want to keep their hampers in the laundry room. So, I finally decided to make the little splurge and go get myself the laundry sorter I've always wanted... well it's not really the uber-expensive one I saw at Lowe's, but this one is a lot less expensive and it is metal, so I don't have to worry as much about plastic busting.

So, here's some pics of my laundry room now.

It's HUGE lol. Would have never fit in that old house.

I also bought this at the store. I was SO SICK of not knowing where the &%$# my broom was LOL. This one's really nice as it has a spot to hold the cleaning cloth, and also hooks that can pull out to use or push in to stay out of the way. No more losing the dustpan!

I saw on a blog once, how someone had decorated their laundry room and it was so pretty with a tray and a lamp and just little knick knacks, so I had done that in mine too for a while. It was great at keeping people from piling stuff on the dryer, but eventually I guess the novelty wore off and stuff started appearing, and I was guilty too I guess. Now, I can't really put anything on the dryer like that since I have to put the tool tub and toolbox there. That green tub holds things like the circular saw, drill, duct tape, mitre saw etc. There's currently just nowhere else in the house to put it. So, I decided to put up a spare decorative shelf I had and that's where my cutesy decor things go. I love that teddy bear. He makes me smile :)

The cubbies here are color coded and there's one for each girl. This is something we started doing in the old house and I have continued it here. It makes it so easy to put the individual stacks away as I fold them without stacks of clothes all over the place waiting on kids to put them away - an also keeps me from putting them back into a laundry basket (clothes in a laundry basket STAY in a laundry basket in this house.) Sometimes I wonder if my kids realize dressers are made to hold clothes and laundry baskets are made just to move laundry around so it can be put into dressers...

That white thing to the left of the cubbies is our deep freezer which fits perfectly in the corner there and makes a great flat surface to fold clothes on. Also, if you'll notice the bottom cubby is a bit odd and there's blankets all over the floor... well this is why:


We got rid of the cage since they have decided they like Zoe's cubby more. Mamma cat can't fit in the cubby with them, so we keep the blankets on the floor for her to lay down with them and nurse. She doesn't have much at all to do with them. She does come in a few times a day to feed them, and then disappears. She's not supposed to go outside, but I think she's been slipping out between legs or one of the girls' has a window open or something. They're usually quite happy to just play there in the laundry room. It makes it kind of a hassle to fold clothes while they're biting my toes, but they are cute. I've tried to get the girls to not get too attached, since we'll be giving them away. As they get older and cuter, it'll be harder though.

So, anyway, there's my laundry room. It's tucked back into a hidden alcove behind the kitchen, down a hallway next to the master bedroom. Of course in semi-recent posts, some readers may remember seeing that I had my office in the laundry room for a long time. I like it much better as a laundry room. :) I'll try to actually do that post about where my desk is now like I'd said I would. I have to clean it off first. haha. It was on my list to do this weekend, but never quite happened. I didn't get the kitchen floor scrubbed either.

Let me tell you, after moving stuff around to get the laundry room all the way I like it, and bending over to pick up pile of laundry after pile of laundry, plus sitting on the bleachers at the school for Corina's graduation for 3 hours... I am walking like a 90 year old. Actually I know 90 year old's who walk better than I do. I seriously hate feeling so damned old. I'm not even 40 yet dammit! :P

I did get my back porch cleared off and useable again YAY!!! I don't have to move junk out of the way to set up a folding chair anymore. I have the two chairs and a table, the dragonfly lights, plus another hanging light in addition to the normal porch light. So we could sit outside and talk with friends well after dark... you know if we had any friends who did that sort of thing... Oh well, I can sit out there with my tea and blog more! (I must tell you how BAD I WANT a netbook. But not today)

Oh! BTW, I wanted to show you what the table and chairs that we're going to get looks like. It's from KMart, and is actually solid wood, not that icky plastic or veneer crap.

I still haven't put it in layaway, but I plan to this weekend. I'm kinda hoping it goes on sale for like $200 or $189 or something awesome. I can order it online still, so I don't think it'll go out of stock anytime soon. Don't want to wait too long though. I hate not having a dining table (but NOT enough to bring back the MONSTER table). I still have to tell the story about the table and the sacrifice I made for my hubby. Another day!

I have to get to bed, I do have to work tomorrow. But it'll only be a 3 day work week now that I had 2 days off, WOOHOO! Y'all have a great week!


  1. What a neat laundry sorter.:) Right now I have been sorting on the floor and folding on a card table. The table is nice because it gives me room to work but getting the kids to put the folded clothes away is still a battle. ;P

    I did donate 2 garbage bags full of clothing to charity last week...I weeded some items out during the summer/winter change over. I am hoping to see a difference with laundry.

    Your decorative shelf is cute, too. I agree, small changes can make a big difference.

    Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Thanks! Yeah it's a pain to get them to put them away where the clothes are supposed to go. I really hate going in their room and finding folded clothes on the floor. Ugh. Congrats on the donating clothes!! I have some bagged up, but haven't taken them off yet. I don't consider it accomplished til they're completely out of my possession. Hoping I can say that soon. :)


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