Menu for the next week.

I'm posting this to kind of hold myself accountable. I have been guilty of making the kids have PB&J sandwiches and cereal for dinner before...

Menu for Tuesday May 25th - Monday May 31st

Tuesday: Stirfry with Fried Rice (I've made this tonight but had steamed rice instead)

Wednesday: Pork chops with fried taters & onions and mustard greens. (Update: I did make this, but we had mac n cheese instead of taters & onions.)

Thursday: BBQ chicken in crockpot, green beans and ?? (Chicken is now thawing out.)

Friday: Chili with french fries and corn

Saturday: Stroganoff with beef tips, noodles, and green beans.

Sunday: Meatloaf and Mac n cheese, greens

Monday (Memorial Day): Grill out hamburgers and hotdogs, dilled cucumber salad, watermelon, baked beans, potato salad.

I've never actually *made* potato salad. I do find it hard to believe actually. I'll be 40 this year and have lived in the South for my whole life, and have never made potato salad.

Oh another thing I have to talk about. My darling daughter made an ass of herself on facebook saying she couldn't believe she didn't get any graduation money, just what her parents and one friend's mom gave her (and she even stated how much we each gave her.) OMG the backlash she got for that in the comments. Her godfather is renting her and her friends a cabin in the mountains for 3 days, and we got her a freaking pickup truck. Do those things count for anything? No cause she can't flash the cash and go blow it all in one day. She ended up getting 3 cards today with money and I almost wished they were empty! I think she's learned the lesson though. I hope.