My Oldest's Graduation

I'm working on getting in the mood to clear off this messy desk... pics eventually ;)

So it's been a week since Corina, my oldest daughter, graduated High School. It already seems like forever ago! She's currently in Gatlinburg. Her godfather, John, got her a 3-night cabin rental in the Smokies over Gatlinburg (where he's a police officer), for her, her fiance and her best friend and her boyfriend. I trust John to make sure they behave, and I trust Corina to not be stupid, so I was fine with it. Besides, she's 18 and out of highschool... I remember that time. There wasn't much my Mom could tell me to do at that time in my life anyway. This is when the upbringing has to do it's work. If she was raised right, she'll make the right decisions.

So, here are some of the photos from her graduation. She was SO excited :)

I think I might get an 8x10 of this one taken by the professionals. We were sitting on the other side of the stage so couldn't get a good pic of her on the stage at all.


  1. Congrats to Corina and welcome back to bloging.
    Not to sound creepy or anything but I missed your post

  2. Thanks Jane! Not creepy LOL :)


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