At least I'm catching up on laundry.

So, I swore I was going to clear off my desk.

Remember how horrible it looks?

Well it still looks like that. Sigh....

But I have been very diligent working on the laundry monster, or "Mt Washmore" as Flylady calls it. Since even before my washer died, we had piles of laundry since I was never any good at getting a whole load done. I blame my disorganized laundry room (it's organized now though!). So, when the washer DID die, it made the piles even worse. Well, now that I have a new washer and a dryer that I really like and dries clothes quickly, I am getting a lot done while I'm working. (Remember I work from home just around the corner from the laundry room :) ) I'm really glad too because we had moved Mt Washmore from the laundry room to my bedroom so we could move the old washer out and the new one in. It ended up on the floor next to my husband's side of the bed and was almost as tall as the bed (and we have it on risers!) So in addition to the normal every day laundry 6 people can dirty in a day, I've been steadily washing the piled up clothes.

I am proud to say, I can see the floor next to the bed now! WOOHOO! There's still a big winter blanket that's taking up a lot of space, and some stragglers, but I think one more day/night of laundry *should* get it all caught up. (well maybe 2 days since I just saw how overflowing the girls' hamper is) It will feel SO WEIRD to actually have all the dirty clothes in the house washed, dried, folded, hung and put away!!!

I have already bagged up about 5 big trash bags full of stuff I'm giving to a charity thrift store. It's a lot easier to give away stuff now for some reason. I think I have finally gotten out of the "Stinkin' thinkin'" of feeling like I have to keep stuff just in case I need it later and can't afford to buy it new. I'm not saving clothes that my 12 yr old outgrows, because the youngest is 7 and there's just too many sizes between them to make it worth holding onto those clothes when they could bless someone else.

And I DO NOT DO YARDSALES. My Mom had yardsales all the time when I was a kid and I had to be the one to sit out there in the sun and sell crap. I'm not doing it ever again. I give away stuff on Freecycle and at Goodwill and other charity stores. ... The hard part is getting the bags from my bedroom floor to the van and then to the store to give away. But now we have my daughter's pickup truck and I can make her take them! Yay! Well... after she finally gets around to hauling off the garbage.

We don't have a city trash can anymore (I forgot to pay the bill...oops!), so I got a big outdoor-style trashcan for the kitchen to cut down on the number of times it had to be bagged up. Then I take the big 39-gal bag out to the truck (well ok so I put it on the porch and make someone else put it in the truck.) Then when she's out and about "keeping the roads hot" as my Mom would say, she can take it to the county "convenience center" and dump it. I say this as a theory. Because she still hasn't actually dumped it. There's got to be 2 weeks of trash in her truck bed and I *know* it stinks, but she can't get around to dumping it. So... maybe it will be awhile before we actually take the giveaway-bags to Goodwill or where ever. But they're not going to sit around in my house forever! Hrmph!

Something I am not looking forward to is the pile of *clean* clothes on a table in the bedroom. Why? Because I HATE folding clothes! For some reason I don't mind doing it straight out of the dryer where I can put them directly into the kids' cubbies or hang them on the hanging rack. It's just the idea of folding a big pile of wrinkled clothes and sorting them into piles that'll fall over that makes me queasy. I'd almost rather throw them in the pile of dirty laundry and process them with those. Is that freaking weird or what? I guess it's because when it's one load in the dryer, it's just a small amount at a time... but a huge table covered in clothes to fold is so overwhelming I stall. That's how I am with the house as a whole really. Sometimes it just gets so messy and filthy that I can't manage to find a place to start and just sit and cry.

But I am not going to cry over the stupid clothes. I WILL have victory over the laundry monster!!

So... after the dirty stuff is all clean and all the clean stuff is all put away, that's still going to leave me with 2 or 3 boxes in my bedroom from when we moved. I still don't understand how I can have boxes of stuff without a home when we moved from a house almost half the size of this one! There should be room for everything! Really. So, when the laundry is all caught up, probably this weekend, I'm really going to need to sit down with those boxes and PURGE. If I haven't opened the boxes in 18 months, I probably don't need anything in them. I think it's a bunch of old sentimental stuff. I hate that. I won't be able to get rid of it, but I have no good place to store that stuff. My "walk-in" closet is packed with crap already. We've agreed we should not put "our crap" in the girls' closets. Though Corina's closet is where we store winter blankets and quilts etc, and the other girls' closet gets the bag of scarfs and gloves etc.

I already had to put a tub of baby blankets (made by relatives of course (everyone knits in this freaking family!) and knickknacks under the back porch with a tarp over it because there's not room for it. I *really* want a storage building. It would help with SO MUCH!! We could finally get all the Christmas and other holiday stuff out of our closet and we can really use it for clothes! *gasp* and we can store seasonal clothes out there, as well as the big tool tub that's sitting on my dryer (and I hate). And just loads of other stuff that is cluttering up the place. They are things we want to keep and need occasionally, but are clutter for most of the year. Yep, need a shed. I'll add that to the list of things I really NEED. Like:

A new kitchen table (in layaway yay!)

The carpets steam cleaned

The carpet eventually ripped up and replaced with laminate

A new (to me) minivan that has doors that open!

A small dog lot attached to the back porch so the dogs don't have to be on chains (this one is still being thought out)

A new computer for me because this one MAKES ME CRAZY! (I can't even run my work programs and listen to Pandora at the same time and still get things to work properly, argh!)

A TV for the bedroom so we can have date night in there propped up, and get crumbs in the bed.

Those are just off the top of my head. But it's not a bad list. There have been years in my past when the list would have been more like:

A new countertop and sink so the faucet doesn't fall through the hole anymore.

Fix the holes in the kitchen, bathroom, and girls' room floors so the possums quit coming in every night.

Get a new front door that actually closes.

Get a vehicle so we don't have to walk to work anymore.

Let me be able to work from home or not work at all, so the kids quit calling the babysitter, "Mommy".

I'm not kidding you... those have all been things on my wish lists in the past.. and many of them were for YEARS. My life now is seriously like 1000% better than it was even 5 years ago. So, when I get all mopey and whiney now, I try to just smack myself (figuratively!) and tell me to get over myself and stop being a whiney-ass jerk.

Well, this was a really rambling post! I wish I had a prize or something to give anyone who actually read this far! Have a good day/night y'all!


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