Company's Coming!

Ok, so we knew my husband's sister and her family were coming to town (well this general vicinity, the family is kind of spread over two counties), from NY. We thought we were only going to see them on the 4th and maybe the 3rd. Well, we got a call today and we're having dinner together tomorrow night! My oldest is staying here and babysitting our kids and their kids while the adults go out to eat for adult conversation and catching up.

I did not get my carpets cleaned y'all!!


Ok, I am taking deep breaths and being thankful for what I have gotten done. The living room is basically within 5 minutes of being "clean". My kitchen is organized and no dirty dishes sitting around, but the floor makes me queasy. (My 13 yr old has volunteered to scrub it... but then remembered she's working at the farmer's market tomorrow morning with her farm group.) My bedroom which is where some of them might hang out since it has the laptop and 42" tv, is pretty much clean. Hubby's gaming table is still a mess, but that's his stuff and I'm not organizing it for him.... yet. I'll probably break down and do it eventually, and he knows it. And even the girls' room is semi cleaned up. The rest of the house being clean has kind of been an inspiration not to mention me repeatedly telling them they need to set the timer and do 15 minutes on their portion of the room each day.

So, problem areas...

Kitchen floor (really gross, and we've been overlooking it)
Laundry room floor (cat litter box, 7 cats, need I say more?)
Master bathroom (which should not be seen by guests, but is right there near the 42" TV and laptops...sigh) - it's really gross too. It's shameful. I'm ashamed.
Living room floor - especially the back corners where the kittens disappear to now and then... yeah I'm sure I know what I'll find there... not looking forward to it. (I am beginning to really hate cats).
Hallway floor - SIGH.... I want to stop time and rip up the carpet, lay down beautiful hardwood floor and restart time... not gonna happen. I don't even have time to rent the Rug Doctor like I had planned to do this week.
I didn't think we'd see them til NEXT weekend

But it's cool. I love those folks and any extra time seeing them is awesome. (They're the cool family members.)

So, here it is 2:38am Fri Night/Sat morning. They will be here Saturday afternoon. Hubby gets off work at 5, and then we're going out. So, in the time from now til then, I have to get those problem areas fixed, shower, sleep and get ready to go out...yeah. Wish me luck with that.

*Off to scrub! ... or sob...* ... I'll get back to you.


Ok, I have cleaned up the kitten size presents they'd left behind the new kitchen table and behind the curtains, and vaccumed that area. Yeah it's now 4 in the morning, people can deal with the vacuum running. Nothing wakes these people anyway.

I am still washing, drying, folding and packing up all the stuff that was behind the couch. I started this project last night. Nothing was left clean. I had to just pile it up and wash it in shifts. When the area was cleared out, I vacuumed it and Febreezed it. Zoe loves being able to play back there, but I make her put a blanket down on the floor. It just smells musty from that stuff being on it so long. I *REALLY* want that steam cleaner!

So anyway, I sorted all he stuff by whites, colors and darks and it made one huge pile, one big pile and a small pile. I just put the whites in the sorter and will do them with our whites when I get the rest all caught up. The darks filled the middle sorter and also filled a canvas laundry bag. The colors overflowed the sorter and piled up in a big laundry basket. Well, I've got it down to just the sorters now. Basket is empty, laundry bag is empty. I have 2 more 30 gal. trash bags full of clothes to give away, plus a bag of toys that had been under all that stuff. And where's all that stuff right now? Sitting in my living room.

BUT! It's OK, I'll have Corina take them to the thrift store down the street in the morning even if I don't have all of it washed and packed by then. No need to be a perfectionist. I just need to get the stuff out of my house.

I'm kind of running down now though. I got up at 11:30am yesterday to get ready and make it to Corina's college pre-registration. It turned out to be a 3 hour thing. If I had known, I would have done a crockpot meal instead of the home made pizzas. No one was in any mood to cook after standing and walking for 3 hours. So, we went to the store and spent money we shouldn't have and got fish sticks, tons of soda and a few things we'd run out of. Fish sticks and broccoli and cheese ended up being the comfort food of choice. I'm doing a crockpot meal tomorrow (today?) since the kids will all be here and we adults are going out.

Ok, been procrastinating too long... need to go clean up the other kitten's hiding place and vacuum more. (I have them going to the litter box now YAY!!!!!)

I really wish sleep were not necessary.