Glad I do this just for fun.

I've not really been reading blogs recently as much as I did just a few months ago. Life here is just too busy, plus I got really obsessed with watching episodes of TV shows I like online. Well, anyway, apparently I have missed a pretty big hullabaloo going on in blog land, mainly on the blogs that are supposed to be making money.

I get how advertising is supposed to create revenue, but I'm sorry, I'm not into risks. I don't have time to devote to a blog in the HOPES that some one will come and read it and click something and I get a quarter or something. Besides I have heard some of these bigger sites that make money actually cost a ton to run. What if people stopped liking what you write? What if you get sick and can't write or whatever? You still have those hosting fees coming in and probably no more money from clicks. I dunno, might be good for some, but as for me, I like my normal average paycheck that I know will be deposited in my bank account on certain days of the month for all the work I do between when I clock into work and clock back out.

Well, I'm not naming names, but I guess the main complaint is that the rich just get richer and the middle classed in their 3-4 bedroom-with-an-office houses and perfect children and marriages that "look perfect" are actually not getting richer.

I think I'm glad I'm not quite so middle class with a 3-bedroom-that-SHOULD-be-4-bedrooms-and-I'd-kill-for-an-office-mobile home in a freaking trailer park. Hell I don't even own the land it sits on. And my kids aren't perfect and are probably going to need therapy and can't ride a horse, and can't can tomatoes or play basketball and aren't cheerleaders and OMG GASP...go to PUBLIC SCHOOLS!!!! Oh and my husband is overweight, balding, works in retail even though he wanted to be a teacher, but makes more money than a teacher now, has never cheated on me, stayed with me when he had every right to leave my sorry ass, and worships the freaking ground I walk on (but don't own).

I'm just tired of reading the bitching whiney-assed posts of the people who aren't married to multi-millionaire ranchers and don't have book deals or movie deals. Seriously just shut up already. I do read one blog daily who dealt with the issue very beautifully, and it makes me love her blog even more. The others I just stopped following and removed from my list.

I really wish I never even found out there ever *was* an issue going on in "blogland". It's just one of those things you can't avoid if you read many of them at all I guess.

I do know I miss the good old days when a blog was just a page with words and pictures and a place to comment... nowadays I have to try to focus to figure out what's part of the blog and what's a commercial for jewelry or wine or the best resort in Scottsdale, or even diapers or teeth whitening crap, or books on how to make a million dollars..blogging. I just miss reading the funny posts they used to blog before they got bitter.

This actually reminds me a little of something that I went through on a much smaller scale. I did in fact write a pretty nasty post about a particular site I had been going to that was very informative (at first) and helped renew my faith and belief in the fact that being a homemaker is a fabulous thing... til her site became this fanatic religious thing telling me my Bible wasn't good enough and if I didn't homeschool my kids and give birth in my bathtub I was a poor excuse for a mother. The final blow was when she called our President Satan. I'm sorry, but I'm a patriot, and that's just rude. BUT I never spoke her name or linked to her site. Just as I am not doing now. If someone reads this and says "OH! I know who she's talking about!" then cool, and if not then also cool.

As for me, I'm just gonna keep it simple and promote the other blogs I really do read and have an interest in (or at least did when I added them), and write what I want without fear of pissing people off. Because even if I run everyone off, I can still make my mortgage payment. But this is the last time I even mention all this crap.

Have a great day y'all!


  1. I must be too buried in life to notice this "issue." I think you have done the right thing by removing yourself. Good for you and good for you for speaking your mind! Me? I blog to record in life the things I might forget. I don't want my children to forget. Sometimes I am good and other times I am too busy living this crazy life to write about it and that is okay. Thank you for sharing! ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  2. Like Kelly, I haven't noticed it either, but then I am so busy being whipped around in circles by school that I hardly have time. I love your honesty Patty :) You made me chuckle. I know I have been guilty of looking at other blogs and thinking... wow, I wish mine was that cool :) So what do these people do, make money in advertisements?-Darlene

  3. Patty you make me laugh! I enjoyed catching up with your blog tonight, reading the posts I've missed. :)

  4. Amen Patty...That is why I try to just be real on my blog and let people know that I have good days and I also have bad days. That I am not better than anyone else,I am just been me. I love reading your blog and I love to go to my blog and see were you have a new post update and I head right over.


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