I can see the top of my desk!!

Ok, just to remind you... this is what is did look like:

Well, finally I decided it was time to do *something* about it. This morning I couldn't sleep after work, and I had to go get milk anyway, so I headed to Wally World. No I do NOT normally shop at Wally World, but it's not my fault Kmart isn't open 24 hours. So, after I picked up a gallon of milk, I wandered around the house stuff aisles and found a bunch of desk stuff on clearance, but I didn't see anything that would really organize the crap I have.

I have work stuff I have to have at hand, I need to have somewhere I can easily and quickly stick bills as they come in the mail before I get a chance to sit down and open them (and other mail and stuff that will need my attention). But I also did not want the whole flat surface of my desk covered in stuff. I especially like the surface in front of the window to be totally clear so the cats can sit and look out the window.

Then I came across an aisle of baskets and found a great seagrass upright basket that will hold larger stuff but not take up as much desk space. Then in the bathroom aisle there were more baskets that were even cheaper, and there was a smaller grass basket that was perfectly sized for bills and letters etc.
Here's the baskets on the newly clean desk.

So, I came home and tackled the mess. I threw away a lot of stuff I was hanging onto for no apparent reason, then I went through all the rest and put a big stack of stuff into the "Important Papers I need to Go Through Sometime This Year" tub. Whatever was left got sorted into the baskets. I still have a huge stack of magazines I need to read and then take to some doctor's waiting room or something. And there's room to put my Home Management Binder (what Flylady calls a Control Journal). I've actually been using that binder for the budget and have kept up with it for over a month now which is a great feeling. I'm hoping it becomes a habit I can stick to.

Sorry some of the pics are a little dark. I took them at about 6am, so the sun had just come up. I LOVE my cleared off desk. Go me! Haha!