A little of this and that

Y'all, I am still in an "UP" mood. For someone with undiagnosed-whatever-I-have-mood swings, this is very very good to be able to say.

Poor kitties... and oh my aching back!

I even got out of bed at a decent hour on Sunday and Monday to spend time with family and run errands. Today however, I was still in bed when Hubby got home, and he was worried about me. (Please remember I work nights, so sleeping all day isn't as bad as it sounds LOL.) I think it was due to staying up later than normal with a sick kitten.

Remember we had 5 kittens living in my laundry room...

Unfortunately, even though my kids took over and tried taking care of it today, it did die along with another one of the kittens totally unexpectedly. The one had been acting weak for a couple of days and I figured putting it in the cage again with it's own water and some tuna would help, but I guess it was too late. No clue what got the other kitten, but truly they both went downhill pretty fast. I'm worried there's some rat poison or something somewhere they got into. They do not go outside, so it's inside whatever it was. We've lived here over a year, and I never found anything like that, so I don't know. Maybe just natural selection. The remaining three kittens are very healthy and growing larger. The two who died were not as large as the others. They may have truly just been born with something that they could not combat.

I'm letting the last 3 stay here for the rest of this week, then I'm putting them on Freecycle as well as the momma cat. I *really* hope someone takes them and gives them all a good home (not all together of course). I just can't keep the momma. She's a sweetie when she wants to be, but she was wild and some things just can't be corrected. She will jump up and take food off your plate while you're eating, and she doesn't always use the litter box. This was never an issue when we could let them outside, but the landlords have cracked down on outside pets. She's really not cut out to be an indoor cat.

So, yeah anyway, I was tired and had stayed up too long, and besides my back has been really giving me problems lately.

It was broken back in 1989 in a car accident, and it is constantly painful, but the Drs told me eventually my body and mind would become accustomed to it and it would be "normal", and they were right. However, it has greatly lowered my tolerance for pain, and when it's locked up and really stiff, I honestly can barely move. There will be days go by and I won't be able to bend over to pick up anything off the floor. So now and then my body forces me to let it recover my making me sleep for a LONG time. Sometimes I'll have an alarm set and never ever hear it go off. My brain and body just shut down to heal.

So, what else has been happening?

Well, it's been a bit of a drama with my oldest, Corina. She's started smoking. Apparently about a month ago, and I had to ask her straight out (after finding signs) if she was smoking. Her fiancee and his whole family smokes, and yet she swears they did not influence the decision at all... right cause the fact that the cigs and lighter laying right there in easy grasp don't help a TON. Sigh. But that's not all.

She quit her job at McDonalds. Now to be honest, I do not blame her, and I did tell her she would be right in doing so, but to give notice first. Well, the fiancee's family was going to GA this past weekend for a funeral and family get together time, and they invited her. She was supposed to work Saturday, and when she found someone to cover for her, the manager apparently decided to have that person cover someone else who was going to the beach instead. I guess that on top of the crap way they treat her, she had enough and walked out. In the middle of a shift. *shakes head*

She has admitted it was not the most grown up thing she's ever done. But what's done is done. She's been filling out applications, but I warned her it will be tough now. If she lists them as a work reference, most people will call and find out what happened, and may not even let her tell her side (if her excuses are even good enough). No employer wants someone who just walks out. Also, we took her keys to the truck.

The deal is no job - no truck, unless she can find some other way to make the insurance payments. If she's not working, then she has no reason to drive it til she starts college. Of course, I'm not actually going to take her or the truck off the insurance. I need her to be able to drive in emergencies, and the second vehicle is very handy. But we are NOT letting her just take the truck over to his house anymore. If that family who took her away from work and got her hooked on smoking wants to spend time with her, they'll have to spend the gas money to come get her. GAH! If her fiancee would get a freaking job and have something else to do with his life besides snog my daughter, then maybe she'd be home more often. I bet I end up seeing more of her after she starts college than her whole senior year of highschool.

GOD, PLEASE let her meet a nice guy at college with ambitions and some family money maybe, and a car, and a love for Jesus, and a BRAIN!!!! amen

Stuff around the house

I have been keeping up with the laundry! Yay! The sorter is AMAZINGNESS!!! Truly! The kids are even getting to where they bring their full hampers to the laundry room and sort the clothes from the hamper into the sorter. It's magical! I have determined I also really need to get a hamper for our bedroom, because even though the laundry room is right next to our room, our clothes still end up on the floor of our room. It's not so great trying to bend over and pick those up every day. But at least I have been keeping up with it, and I even look forward to doing laundry, because it's like a challenge to keep the laundry sorter from getting too full in any one type of laundry. Today I woke up to the darks in the washer from last night which I put int the dryer, then kept rebooting and ended up doing a full load of colors and one of whites with bleach. Our whites used to never get bleached! It would get down to where I needed to do a load of clothes so people had clean clothes to wear the NEXT day, so I'd throw shirts, pants underwear and socks all in together. The clothes really looks pretty rough due to it too. I've bleached whites every time I've washed them since getting this sorter and have actually FINISHED a jug of bleach in less than TWO weeks!! Amazing LOL! It'a also just weird having clean anything haha. I walk into my bathroom and just marvel and the stacks of MULTIPLE clean towels, and even wash cloths and HAND towels, *gasp*. haha y'all just don't know. It was bad,... for a long time.

So what else,... well, the kitchen set up is working well. I love having the island where it is now and the new HUGE trash can is awesome. The kids are loving the system I set up for fruit and snacks etc. I haven't taken a pic yet and I don't feel like doing it right now, but that white table in the kitchen I had turned into a breakfast bar area is where it is. I put a big shelf on the wall over that table and moved some the art elsewhere. On the shelf I was able to put many of the huge canisters-
(which you can see in this photo - that's the wall where the shelf is too.)

One of the canisters is labeled SUGAR, and I keep snacks in it like raisin creme cakes, twinkies, boxes of raisins, pudding cups, etc. In the blue bowl (which my Mom gave me years ago and I LOVE), I keep lots of different fresh fruits. I have explains and they follow the rule - that each girl gets one piece of fruit from the bowl and 1 thing from the sugar canister each day. If I didn't set down rules like this, they'd scrounge and eat everything all in one day while I sleep. They've been really good about following it. I think they like the challenge of only picking one and the feeling of finding treasure in the sugar canister (I hide some stuff and put new things in there now and then). Rhiannon, the 13 yr old knows she is in charge of making sure she and Zoe the 7yr old both eat a healthy lunch. Faelyn the 12 yr old should be able to do that on her own, but I might have Rhiannon look after her at lunch time as well. Faelyn's forgetful. The breakfast bar table, makes it very easy for anyone to get something for breakfast. The pantry always has several choices of cereal, which I have been actually successful in making them only eat at breakfast time (it usually got eaten at 11:00 at night.) So, if I get cereals they really love, they have to eat it at breakfast time, and therefore are more likely to actually EAT breakfast rather than just skipping it. I also have lots of different instant oatmeals, pop tarts, cereal bars etc. It's all worked out well so far, and I'm really happy about that. It's fun to shop for things to refil all of that knowing the kids won't scarf it all down in one day. For instance, they'd go through a whole bunch of bananas or a bag of apples in one day in a "feast or famine" type frenzy. But I think they finally trust that I will keep it stocked at all times (so far I have yay!), so they are obeying the rules. There are STILL bananas and I bought them 4 days ago! Seriously that has never happened!

Well, this has turned into a book haha! Y'all take care and be good to the hubbies, the kids and most of all yourselves!