To diet and workout or not to diet and workout...

Ok, so in July I will be 40 years old. However most days I feel 60. I am 85 pounds overweight. The last 40 were gained over the last 9 months or so.. no that's not why and believe me I WISH it was a baby! Then I could lose a ton just giving birth! :P But no no no... no more kids. sheesh!

Even when I was 45 lbs overweight life wasn't perfect, but I sure felt a lot better about myself than I do now and I had a TON more energy. I know I was healthier.

So, my problem is... do I really want to do what it's going to take to lose it? I mean when I was 40 lbs lighter I'd go on a diet and work out and it was fun. I could move and do crunches and go walking and it was fun... now it would be like those documentaries of marine biologists trying to get beached whales back into the ocean.

Uuuuuuugh! I don't wanna exercise! I don't wanna give up bagels and cream cheese and Snickers. BUT I don't wanna die of a heart attack at age 40, and I do not want to develop diabetes, and I do not want to miss seeing my kids and grand kids grow up. Sigh.

Ok, so first step is seeing a doctor. I got the papers to fill out to go see my hubby's internal specialist, which I figured would be best for me, and then promptly lost them. So, I have to go get them again, and this time I will fill them out there and make the appt. I am going to do this Friday since Hubby is off and I can tell him to make me go.

I can't really plan yet what steps I will take to lose the weight until I see the Doc. I do know that when Hubby told them he did want to lose weight and needed some help,.. they told him to walk every day and come to the office for weekly weigh ins. Yeah like that happened! Pfft!

But if we BOTH have to do it, and we tell our kids to kick our asses if we don't do it... well, maybe the Hubs and I can get healthy(er) this summer afterall. I want to lose AT LEAST 20 lbs, but 40 would be FABULOUS! Oh would that not be awesome??? Lose 40 lbs the year I turn 40? Not a bad thing to have to brag about in fact. Not that I'd do that... >_>

I'll let you know if I actually make to the Dr on Friday to do paperwork and make an appt.


  1. Patty - I think you are wanting to take care of yourself. Get up and move! Sounds so simple, yes? I am having a tough time getting moving myself right now. It is circular, don't you think? You know you will feel better if you move, but you don't feel good enough to move. Geez. I am adding myself as a follower and will be a cheerleader. After I check in with my classes this morning, I will call my friend and go for a walk....move it! Thinking of you. ~Kelly

  2. Thanks Kelly!! I feel like I have more accountability if I blog that I'm going to do something like clean up or see a Dr or lose weight. Good luck to us both!


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