I Really Dislike Being Sick

PorchCat keeping my side of the bed warm...or something.

It started with Zoe coughing one night. She never had a fever, so I chalked it up to allergies. Faelyn has eczema and her dermatologist says when her hayfever gets triggered, it shows as hives instead of the normal sneezing, running nose and itchy eyes other people get. She's currently covered in hives and taking OTC allergy meds. We're almost out of her cream and I do not want to go back to her dermatologist. He was rude and obnoxious. Hoping I can talk her pediatrician into prescribing the same stuff. However, right now I do not feel like doing much of anything. I'm even considering calling into work - which is bad since I work from home and can sit here in my PJs surrounded by tissues and hot tea. But OMG my head is KILLING me. It doesn't feel like allergies, it really feels like a head cold and possibly sinus infection. Oh and the coughing... ugh. Sinus drainage no doubt. Yeah I know, gross.

To add some actual content to this post... I have made the girls new "Control Journals". Those of you in FlyLady know what these are. They used to have very pretty ones, color coded to their personal colors (each kid is assigned a color, makes things easy when knowing whose towel or cups or whatever is left laying around - in theory - not that they stick to it...sigh) ANYWAY, they had lovely ones... which have been lost or destroyed. My kids are seriously destructive. Like that kid Sid in the first Toy Story movie... yeah all mine seem to be this way. SO, I made them new ones (well all but Corina. She's 18 and if she can't get her crap together on her own, she's a lost cause.) and they each have a morning routine and an evening routine in page protectors so they can mark them off with dry erase markers as they complete each thing. So, now instead of nagging them to do the dishes or clean up after themselves... I get to nag them to open their books and actually READ the routines and then actually DO the routines... I think I'm fussing more at them now than I did before.

Also, I am going to re-arrange my living room. As it is now, there is just too much clutter and too many places in corners and under stuff for the girls' crap to get pushed up into and "hidden" so they can say they cleaned up. Seriously, they'll shove everything under the end tables and TV stand so the middle of the floor is clear and say they cleaned the living room... I just do not understand.

I love my kids, really I do, but OMG I really dream of the day when I'm an empty nester and only have to clean up after myself and my hubby. And only cook for 2!!! Wow! That dream is what keeps me going sometimes. ... well that and the dream that my kids are all uber successful and contribute generously to our retirement fund. :D

Y'all have a great day, and don't get sick.. it sucks.

Mickey on Christopher's side of the bed... I wonder which species are the pets and which are the masters..