Need to make some changes around the house.

I want to redecorate my living room. I want it to feel cozy and warm and inviting and pretty. I'm telling you all, because when I told my husband I wanted to redecorate it, he said, "Of course you do. It's been a whole 3 months since the last time."

Did I mention I can't stand men?

Well, I told him he's an ass, and to please tell me what we did to redecorate 3 months ago, and he said that's when the furniture got moved. Whatever. We moved the couch when we got the Wii so the kids would have more room to put the dance mats. That was at New Years. And moving furniture does not equal redecorating.

I've been looking at so many blogs lately. Usually I don't let myself blog surf too much, cause to be honest it's depressing. Their homes are always so much nicer than mine,.. and they certainly don't live in a "Trailerhood".

I especially love the shabby chic beach house whites and all that.

I found this photo at

I know in the "HGTV Decorating world" shabby chic is very outdated and would be looked down upon. But who cares?!?! It's my freaking house. I don't know what I'm waiting for either. I sit here and dream of someday having a home like these, and then I think WHY? I mean seriously why can't I just go ahead and do it? The kids? Yeah they're a good reason not to do anything around here and certainly not to have anything nice. That's for sure. But I can't just let them run all over me forever. I used to have control over them and my home. Of course it was a lot easier when I was a lot bigger than them LOL. It's not so easy to intimidate a teenager, and they have ZERO respect for me or their father. But anyway, this isn't really about the kids or my parenting skills, or lack thereof. It's about redoing my living room.

I will try to get Before photos tomorrow. Hubby is off work, and I should hopefully be able to get him to help do some moving. I do want to move furniture, but that's just the beginning. I may finally be in the mood to paint. I can't afford paint yet, (funny how they always say it's the cheapest way to redecorate.). Paint is NOT CHEAP. So,.. decorating a living room with no money. That's a challenge for sure. Well, just moving stuff around to make it more open will be nice.

So, I'm off to do laundry and read some more blogs before heading to bed.

Hope you're all having a great summer!


  1. Freecycle and Craig's List.Post that you're looking for left over paint or what ever.
    You would be amazed at what is available for free or very little money on there.
    I sympathize with you on the teens.Some days I understand exactly why animal mothers eat their young.


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