Not Posting for a bit.

Hi all. I wanted to say hey and let y'all know I am still here. It's been a rough week. The day after Zoe turned 8, one of my dear best friends passed away. And the day after her funeral I turned 40. It's not been a week of really great news. Thankfully it all happened after Zoe's birthday. She finally got to go to the zoo with her daddy.

So, I'm trying to get back in the mood to do much of anything, and I've been cracking down on the kids and have made them new routine management binders with lists of routines they need to get used to. We'll see how that goes.

Hope you're all having a great summer!


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  2. Sorry about that never post without caffeine.

    I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your friend.

    Happy Belated birthday to Zoe.

    Happy Belated birthday to you.

    Turning 40 isn't so bad.I've been 40 for a half a year now.It's just a number and I never look at numbers

  3. Hi, Patty, I'm sorry about your friend. There's no easy way to lose someone you love. Hope it's getting easier and life is getting back to normal. Happy Birthday to Zoe and to you...don't get too caught up in the "number" get caught up in the celebration of life! :)


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