Ok, so maybe not yet, and need advice.

We didn't get the living room furniture moved around yet. I slept late, and it's still so unbearably hot. I've had the AC cranked up all day and it was still in the upper 80s inside, and upper 90s and humid outside. This is definitely something that needs to be done in the evening. It rained which brought the temps down a lot, but I'm working now, so I can't do anything around the house now. Maybe I'll try to move some stuff after work.

I got some great advice to look for paint on freecycle or Craigslist. I will do that as soon as I know I'm going to have a vehicle to go pick some up if I find it.

I have shown Hubby the pic I put up in yesterday's post and he said....."I like everything but the white" ... SIGH

He says the kids and the animals would destroy it. So, I guess that kind of reaffirms my fears. Ok, so I stay with the wood tables, taupe couch, and the orange chair. But I still want SOME kind of STYLE in the room. I have some wrought iron things on the wall. I also have a bunch of collected wall art that kind of all go together, all on one wall. The curtains are a metallic brown sheer. There's two pretty huge antique pieces of furniture.

Ok,.. I've been working for a while, and just got a chance to get back to this. Remember this diagram?

That's basically what the main living area is like right now except the big rectangle dining table has been replaced with this one:

So, I know I want to switch the dining table to the other side of the room, to in front of the sink counter. Now, my question is... do I turn the buffet and put it flat against the wall like it used to be:

Or do you think it would look good in front of the sink counter?

This was taken a long time ago, but it pretty much shows the front of the counter and where the dining table would be (again).

And another question.. IF I put it back against the wall where it was, should it be more "in the kitchen" and move my desk farther into the living room (and onto the carpet and away from my tea kettle), or should it go along the wall in the living room and leave my desk where it is now:

I may have to end up moving things around quite a bit to finally get things where I really like them, but I did want some input from other people.

Once it's all moved, I can think about some kind of design and style for the room. It needs something, badly.

Thanks, have a great day y'all!