Another Project, a Makeover, and Girls' Update.

I had planned on working on my bedroom today. That totally did not happen.

Instead, I decided to do something for my girls, specifically my 12 yr old Faelyn and also partly for the 8yr old Zoe. 

Faelyn has been begging to get her hair cut forever.She has REALLY curly hair, to the point of being kinky and frizzy. It's really long and blonde, and she is drop dead gorgeous when it's wet from the shower... but as soon as it dries, it's POOF! She tried doing some sort of styling with it, but she's an impatient 12 yr old and doesn't want to mess with it, and there's a LOT of hair. So she ends up just putting it into a big poofy ponytail and forgetting about it. Since I sold the bunk beds today, I decided this was the time to get it done.
 This is Faelyn's "Before" photo, taken after Corina's high school graduation this past May. It looked pretty much exactly like this every day for as long as I can remember.

And now, after shopping then sitting and waiting on her to be done in the salon at Walmart... she came out looking like this... 

Oh yeah her dad needs to get a shotgun LOL!
Hubby and Corina freaked out over it. They both agree it makes her look a lot older. She really looks like a teenager now, and just this morning she looked like a tall 9 year old. That's a shock to a parent's system, let me tell you! I think she's simply gorgeous, but I am a little biased I guess. :) 

So, anyway while I was shopping in Walmart and waiting on her to get done, I found an AMAZING deal! 

I knew I wanted to stretch a thin rope across the big back bedroom that Faelyn and Zoe share and hang some sort of cool looking privacy curtains to divide it. It's approximately 15'x10'.  Almost double the size of the room Corina and Rhiannon share.  Since Rhiannon will not even be out of highschool for another 4 years, Faelyn will have to share the bigger bedroom with Zoe for at least that long.  I figured she needed the privacy.

So I was looking for some sort of curtain panels as the divider. I found some plain ugly drapery panels on clearance for $8 for a set of 2, but I wasn't thrilled with them. Then I saw the teen/dorm bedding aisle and thought the sheet sets looked really cool, and Zoe picked out which comforter she'd like to replace her quilt if I redo their bedding soon... but still the prices were just more than I wanted to spend on this divider. Then I went to the front area where they have the stock kids' bedding, and I hit the jackpot.  I even had to doublecheck to make sure I'd read the price correctly! They have (at least my local Walmart does) the most fabulous sheets in all sizes in these great colors and patterns, sold separately so you can do like a solid fitted and a pattern flat or whatever. And get this, the twin size ones were $3 a sheet!!  Yes just $3!  And it wasn't even clearance! This is one of the ones I got:

I got one flat sheet in this stripe and then a flat in each the coordinating bright burgundy red (Faelyn's fave color), and the sky blue (Zoe's fave color.) I knew I had the rope already and things to hang it with, but I needed clips for the sheets to stay on the rope. Then I had a thought, clothespins! They did have the cheap wooden ones, but I decided to splurge a little and got the pack of kind of oversized plastic clothespins in varying shades of blue and white. So, instead of trying to hide the pins, they actually become part of the look. 

I could not hang the curtain exactly where I wanted to due to where studs were, but I think it works pretty well. I think Zoe's side is definitely bigger, but she really has more large pieces as well.  The TV and Gerald's cage are on her dresser which is pretty big, then she has the toy cubby stand and her nightstand/storage drawers and of course her twin bed.  Faelyn's side has her twin bed, a filing cabinet as a nightstand, the closet,  the computer desk, her chest of drawers and most of the bookshelf (Had to kind of split the bookshelf due to stud placement, but it's mostly all her stuff - she keeps EVERYTHING. )   

The window got split in half.  The curtain goes right up the middle of the large window, so both sides of the room get natural light...(well in theory - in reality, that actually means intense southern/western exposure beating down into the room that barely gets any of the cold air from the AC at all.  The window currently has dark brown velvet curtains just to try to cut down on the heat from the sun. What I want to do is get a mini-blind to fit the window, then make custom curtains from more of the sheets and some hemming tape (I don't really sew.)

I do not have any pics of the girls' room yet. They kind of just quit cleaning it up after dinner. They'd had a long day, so I didn't really blame them. It's amazing the piles of junk that can accumulate under a kid's bed - and since we removed one bed and moved another one, there was a BIG pile o' junk to deal with. Zoe's done pretty well with putting her toys into the cubbies in an organized way.  Kids love structure and organization. In fact, Zoe's side is about done - maybe just another 15 minutes of Mommy-cleaning will get it finished.  Faelyn however just hid everything behind the curtains on the floor and started decorating her walls and putting up the corkboard etc.  I'm sure she'll get it done tomorrow though. 

As for the other two - Rhiannon has been at her grandparents' house this weekend working to make some extra cash. They can't get around like they used to and she wanted to make some money, so she's doing odd jobs and some housecleaning for them. She's going to be SOOO jealous of Faelyn's hair. It's the hair Rhiannon wants. 

Corina came home from her second day of Orientation at college and told me all about it.  She's met some interesting people, made a couple of good friends, and saw a guy she seems to be crushing on. (Oh yeah I'm smiling from ear to ear!) I think she'll do well at this college. There's 425 students in the class of 2014 right now, so it's a much bigger class then when I attended there, but that just means more people to make friends for life. I'm SO proud of her for making it this far, and I know she'll do well and maybe even make it into those free honors dorms soon!  That would be GREAT! (I do love having her here to talk to and keep tabs on, but she needs to live life without the "fiance".) 

Well, I am exhausted and am heading to bed. Have a great rest of your weekend everyone!