I finally braved the girls' bathroom!

Our Main Bathroom Now

I've heard boys can really make a bathroom nasty, but they are surely nothing compared to my girls.

The girls (ages 18,14,12,8)  basically have about half of this 80ft long house to themselves. Their two bedrooms, the hallway and the bathroom between the bedrooms. So, while it's technically the main bathroom (since the other bathroom is the master bath), I have quite often had to let guests use the master bath, because I didn't want them to see the main bathroom.

It got so bad they actually started using our master bathroom to shower and even brush their teeth, so I knew it was time to take action.

You can thank me for not showing a "before" photo.  You're welcome.

It took a lot of sweeping, dumping, scrubbing, mopping, rinsing, drying, etc, but it's as done as it's going to get right now.  I'm worn out finally. At least I should sleep well.

Ahhh Nice and Clean!

Each girl has a color and space for her things

I saw these little crates at various stores like Dollar General and Family Dollar in all these bright colors. Since they were little, each girl has had their own color. It's really helped in knowing whose stuff was whose. Corina is Purple (though she has a pink crate til I can find a purple one) (She used to be Orange and still get orange sometimes), Rhiannon is Green, Faelyn is Red, and Zoe is Blue. So, I got them each a crate, and they've had their own color towels for a while. When I find bright colored towels on sale, I'll get one or two to build up an assortment. Their clean folded towels go on their shelf under their crate, and when they use one to dry off, they can hang it on the towel hook on the wall.

The problem I am still having is that they usually take the towel with them to their room instead and I don't see it again for weeks. That's why there are no towels on the green or purple shelves. Corina did hang one at least, but her other purple towel has been missing a while.  Probably under her bed. I'm hoping now they will feel more like spending more time in there and getting dressed in the bathroom.

Hopefully the problem with the cats has been fixed. I'd not been using this litter box cause the cats were afraid of it or something, but maybe they'll figure out it's ok. I can hope.
Also, in that pic, you can see the bathmat I draped across the side of the tub. I lucked out and found one that kind of matches the shower curtain that I really love since it has all those colors. I keep it draped over the side to keep it clean and dry til needed.  That little green stool I've had for years, and the girls like to have it there to put drinks, candles or a book on while they take a bubble bath. They are all about the pampering. I'm sure they'll be happy to have their bathroom all clean again.

Zoe keeps her tub toys in a small laundry basket, and it works really well.  Since it's open, it lets the toys drain, and she knows to put it back in the tub after it's drained. This keeps them out of the floor and it's easy to just move the basket out of there to take a shower without having to pick up each toy separately.

I found a real cheap hand towel/washcloth hanger at the dollar store, so I grabbed it.  I needed one in there since our friend from England will be staying with us and using the bathroom (another reason I cleaned it heh). Then I realized I don't have any hand towels for that bathroom. Only ones I have are the pale blue and cream ones for the master bath. But that's OK, I can get a couple of colorful ones before he gets here.  I also got the girls a new toothbrush holder at KMart on clearance. The last one had holes that weren't big enough for these new chunky toothbrushes.

Well, that's it.  Nothing fancy or special or ready for HGTV haha, but it's a WHOLE lot better than it was. I do want to paint it though.  I figured maybe they'd take better care of it if it were prettier and they could be really proud of it. Since the countertops have blue and purple in them, I thought I could do one of those, but then I saw some gorgeous bright green bathrooms on Rate My Space at HGTV.com. I think something energizing would be better than a cool calming color, since they really hate getting up in the morning. It needs to be a WAKE UP kind of color. If and when I finally paint, I'll be sure to blog about it!

I hope you're all having a great weekend! My hubby and I are going to over to friends' house to get together with our gaming group and play cribbage, or Settlers of Catan or D&D or Diplomacy or just hang out and talk and eat and have a good time. It's been forever since we've been able to all get together, and Hubby really needs the break from work and me nagging him to do stuff hah. See ya!


  1. I'm sure that was a task! It looks so neat and tidy now! My daughter uses the hall bathroom and I know I always have to keep on her to keep it clean since that's the one guests use, so I know how it is!


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  3. It looks fabulous and I love the big splashes of color in there!


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