It's Done! ...except for some cleaning...

Yes, the living room, kitchen/office re-do is done!!

I have some pics, but my oldest took my camera for a walk the other day and hasn't given it back.

OMG what a job it was. Lots of heavy furniture and the carpet was SO BAD. There are still stains we can't get out even with he Rug Doctor, but I got a can of 409 carpet cleaner. I'm gonna attack it later on. Anyway, the living room looks amazing and SO open and huge. I'm so glad I just finally up and got rid of the green swivel chair. It was so sad to see it go and know what my kids had done to it. I'd bought it used and it was a gorgeous satiny vintage chair,... but my girls literally destroyed it. I know why my Mom always said she could never have anything nice... and there was just one of me!

Everyone's really happy to have the kitchen back to the way it was originally. It just works so much better. The buffet is still covered in piles of junk I have to go thru. Some of it's important papers, but I think most of it can be tossed. I really want to use the buffet for serving food when we start having friends over again (had to go to another friend's house to meet up since she had back surgery). I'm SO happy we got the smaller round dining table. I just love it.

Moving the stuff from one side of the hall to the other was a great inspiration. I've decided to leave it there, well at least the bookshelf. I haven't yet rearranged the bookshelves, but I'll get to it. I had planned on putting the coat hooks on the wall next to the front door, but I think it will be much better on the other side next to the older girls' bedroom door. I still haven't gotten the trunk to got under the hooks to hold backpacks yet, but I REALLY need to do that soon. Already backpacks are everywhere.

School has started here already!!! Can you believe that? They got out 3rd week of May and are going back now, 1st week of August. Insane. The temps are still in the 90s here. At least getting school clothes has been cheap, summer clearance is dirt cheap and they sure don't need Fall clothes yet.

I think it's finally time to take down the big red bunkbeds in the younger girls' room. There's actually 4 beds in that room. The two bunks and then two other twin beds. Since Rhiannon moved into the other room with her sister Corina (who's never ever home anyway - or sleeps on my freaking couch!), we just don't need all those beds. They really hate bunk beds after having been in them for so long, so the two younger ones each get to keep a regular twin bed and we move out the bunks. It will free up some room in there (not as much as just keeping the bunks would, but this is how they want it). The older of those girls wants to claim the back cubby type area where the bunks and desk were as her own personal space. The problem is, that's the perfect place to put the littlest's toy bins and the guinea pig cage. So... I will have to think about furniture placement and figure out the best way to get it all in there and have the maximum open floor space. It's kind of a long and narrow room, so it's a challenge.

Since I moved my desk into the living room, I've been using the main bathroom more than our master bath. This is a good thing because I had really been neglecting it. OMG the nastiness that 4 girls can make. They are really such slobs and that bathroom can get so gross. I just pick up and wipe up or wipe down something everytime I go in there. I've decided I'm going to paint it and get new really cute accessories for the bathroom so they take more pride in it and are less willing to let it get so bad. I think I'm going to go with an apple green. I've seen a lot of teen bathrooms online in that color and love it. Accent colors will be pink and purple. It sounds odd, but it works.

Ok, 'nuff rambling for tonight. I hope you're all doing great, and I'll try to get pics up soon!


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