My Husband's Bad, Horrible, Terrible, Very Not Good Day

My Darling Geek
Yesterday was my husband's 40th birthday.  I had already reached that lovely milestone last month, but he was not handling it nearly as well as I was.

Since we've been a little tight in the financial area after school shopping and all that, I wasn't able to get him anything really nice, but he did ask for a 6-pack of Old Speckled Hen ale. He doesn't drink beer or much alcohol at all ever really, but he likes this ale for some reason and has a bottle like once a month. Our local import and specialty beer store had one pack left, so I got him that Monday evening.

So yesterday rolls around and he has to work 10am-10:15pm since he's the assistant manager and was scheduled to close. He had to come home for lunch since I had to go to the school meeting. At least we had lots of leftovers. That evening after the meeting, I stopped and got him a big cookie cake at the grocery store and took it by his store to surprise him.  Apparently no one at the store knew it was his birthday, though he said it had been on the calendar. We sat together and had a piece of the cake, then I had to get home to work. He later told me that one of the floor guys got on the PA and announced to the whole store that he was 50 years old.  Poor guy.

My daughter was supposed to go pick him up from work, but she told me her truck was out of gas and she couldn't get him (though she sure made it home a couple hours later just fine.) So, I arranged with my boss to be able to take my break later to go get him. I got there on time, and he still had not come out even though he'd told me he should be done early. Then he lefts the last worker out who comes to my van window to tell me the safe alarm was not working and he'd have to make some calls. So, I had to text my boss to tell him there was a delay, and I waited. Finally half an hour later Hubby calls me from inside the store and says for me to just go on home.  The safe alarm was broken and protocol states someone has to stay in the building with it, even though it's locked in a locked cash office, inside the locked main office in the locked store with a bajillion alarms.

So, here it was, his 40th birthday that no one at work remembered and then teased him about... he had to work 12+ hours and then ended up having to spend the night working in the store til 6am when the opening manager came in.

He told me years ago his birthday was cursed, because people NEVER came to his birthday parties. Well, we've had some OK ones since then, but never anything grand, but man this one takes the cake for just plain BAD.

He had today off to sleep and rest his poor feet.  He was on his feet working on that concrete floor for 20 hours. He has tomorrow off as well... but he's not really thrilled with that...

He has a Dr appointment with his Internal Specialist for his hernia, possible arthritis and GERD (which my father died of and I know all to well the symptoms of). 

He's feeling very old today.  Keep my poor way-too-young-too-feel-that-dang-old-Hubby in your thoughts.  Thanks.