My Kitchen

When I rearranged my living room last week, I ended up redoing part of the kitchen.

Now, remember this is how it looked before:

When I moved the buffet, it made it feel more open. That kind of led to wanting to have more space, and also I wanted to open up the area around the AC vent. It's been in the 100s here and I need all the cold air I can get.

Poor Aja is so hot. (Don't worry, I do scrub that island top heh.)

Yeah that's a large garbage can, but it's worked out so so well for us. Normal kitchen cans were just too small, and we were changing it sometimes twice a day. Now we can go several days before bagging it up and taking it out to the truck.

The white table I'm using as an extra counter-top. (I have no idea why the kitchen didn't have cabinet and counters already here.) It used to sit directly over the CH&A vent in the floor. The bottom of the table got nice and cold, and that's about all. I was just going to have the table and pantry cabinet switch places, but the light switch is there and the pantry would end up covering the vent if it were away from the wall far enough to use the light switch.


It got moved to the other wall. It's actually kind of nice there. It really makes the kitchen look a lot bigger and more open I think. I had to put an old pillowcase under it since it's rusting so badly at the bottom. The floor where it used to sit is still stained with the rust and is going to take some CLR or something to get it up.

I really like how the kitchen turned out. It's not fancy like so many kitchens I see on blogs. No granite countertops (or countertops at all in some cases), not a single rooster (though I'd love one!), but I do love my antiques and pictures. When my Mom passed away, she left me with her entire set of Moss Rose china and all the wall decorations on one wall of her kitchen. I'm proud to have them in my own kitchen now.

Mom bought me the teacup and saucer candle in the middle one time when we went antiquing with my sister. She bought us each one and said she wanted us to start collecting teacups as well. They were her passion. Well, my sister got half her collection, and my sister in law got the other half, so I don't have a whole lot of teacups, but I love these. I'm sure when my kids move out and I don't have as much fear of them getting broken, and have more room to store stuff, I'll start collecting more.

This silver tea set is like one Mom had. I'm not sure what happened to hers actually, but I'm so proud to have this one. I won it from a lovely blogger who was giving it away for a blogging anniversary. It needs to be cleaned something fierce since it's been neglected in this cluttered and dusty house all summer.

I'm so happy to finally have my kitchen and living room back after basically losing the whole house to my kids all summer. The three younger ones are back in school full time now and the oldest starts a new job tomorrow and her classes on the 24th. I do love my kids, really I do, but as most mothers know, sometimes they need to get out of the house, get back together with friends, and burn off that energy before coming back home to eat everything in sight haha.

Hopefully, I'll keep this updated this week with my progress with the kids and routines and that dreaded back bedroom. See y'all soon!


  1. Good job.
    I think I move SOMETHING around everyday!
    Always makes me feel like I have a whole new look!
    I like your results....And thanks for stopping by.
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  2. Hi Patty. ;) I saw that you visited my blog and signed up to follow. Just wanted to say hi and thanks.

    Your kitchen looks great. I love your thinking with that big trashcan! Mine is small (under the kitchen sink) and I change it out all the time.


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