Losing Some Body Clutter Finally and Anniversary Vacation!

Well, that day I spent walking all over Gatlinburg and up the almost straight up trail to Clingman's Dome, I managed to lose two pounds while Daniel was visiting! Since he left to go back home to Swindon, England, he's been kind of my online personal trainer. He can make me feel really bad if he finds out I didn't workout or cheated on my diet, and I am incapable of lying to him too! You have a best friend like that? They just kind of KNOW, don't they?! 

So, I am proud to say I have managed to lose another 5 lbs since he left, so a grand total of 15 lbs lost since Sept 3rd (or thereabouts).  Not a great deal lost for a month and a half, but I've lost several inches all over.  4 inches off my waist!!  WOOHOO!  And boy do I still have a lot more inches to go LOL!

This week is my husband and my 19th wedding anniversary!!  WOW!  I still can't believe it's been that long!  He's on vacation now til next Monday and I've got Wed -Sat off. We can't really afford to go to the theme park we'd planned on going to - besides we're pretty sure his cardiologist is never going to OK him to ride roller coasters now. *sigh* That's got to suck.  I'd hate to know I can't ride roller coasters! He's never even ridden the newest Mystery Mine at Dollywood. Poor guy.  ANYWAY! We're going to start painting in the living room.  I am SO sick of these white speckled walls. The color I *really* want is Gentle Fawn by Glidden, but it's hard to get Glidden around here and it's not cheap!  So, we're going to look at Lowe's for something we both like and then get a gallon and some primer and the rollers etc, and get to painting this week! If we hate it, we can always change it with another paycheck and another gallon of paint. (It'll cause us to have to clean up too LOL.  It's gotten really messy.)

We're also going to walk the trail over by the college.  We used to walk it all the time together, but my job schedule and his promotion have pretty much taken away all of our spare time together other than date nights - not really good for walking on a trail. I'd like to walk it every day hes on vacation (next 7 days! yay!) and maybe it can kick start his losing weight and get mine back into gear as well.

Let's see what else. I moved my desk back into the laundry room. LOL  For any of you who have been reading this blog for while, you probably know I obsessed over my desk and moving from once space to another haha.  Well, I finally came to the realization that while it's all nice and wonderful to be out in the middle of the action in the family room... it's not exactly conducive to working. So, I have my "office" back again.  I don't see me getting the smallest bedroom as an office any time soon, so it's really just best all around.

It was really nice having my desk in the family room while Daniel was visiting though.  It allowed us time to talk when work slowed down some and everyone else was in bed.  He ended up on my schedule which I figured he would.  So he'd be up all night and give Zoe a big hug and kiss bye each morning when Christopher took her to school, then he'd crash on the couch while I was zonked out in my room.  That way he was never sitting around the house bored with nothing to do and no one to talk to at least.  We watched a lot of late night old black and white movies on the classic movie channels.  It was just really nice having him here. I do adore my kids and my husband, and we have some good friends, but there's really nothing like sitting up and talking all night with a friend who really *gets you*, you know? He knows how nuts I am and all my hangups and I know all his issues heh. It's not really the same as what I have with Christopher. With Chris, it's like we're one person a lot of the time. We know exactly what the other person is thinking, feeling, wants, doesn't want etc. While it may seem weird, talking to him about stuff is like talking to myself...  I dunno, I said it was weird.  But with Daniel, we're different enough that he will sit and listen and then give me like a whole new outlook on something. A new insight that I would have never seen. Being from different cultures too, there seems to always be something new and interesting to talk about even after knowing each other for 11 years.

Here's a pic we had another couple take of us at the top of the lookout at Clingman's Dome. (I'm 15 lbs less fat than in this photo now LOL!!)

I'll try to take some before and after pics of the painting project... if I can convince Christopher to get up and help paint. It may take some bribing with a trip to the book store and Starbucks LOL!

Have a great week y'all!


  1. Congrats on 19 years and on the terrific weight loss! :)

  2. Wow, 19 years is something to be proud of. That is wonderful. :)

    Have a great week together!


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