Oh My Gosh!!

This photo is from Tobi Fairley's Blog.

I've seen this on a couple of blogs today. It's PERFECT for my space!  I'm specifically talking about the seating area on the left side of the pic.  I Love my little round dining table and the chairs that came with it, but it is kind of annoying when we have dinner together or FDN (family dinner night) and some of the kids have to sit at the coffee table (the kids' table). But I don't like bringing the other chairs out of the game room. They're ugly. This bench idea is the perfect solution.  I know exactly where I'd put it too, right on the other side of the peninsula like they've done here with this island. There's still plenty of room for the 4 chairs that go with the table to go around the other sides of the table.

I think I've found just the thing at a local store's website, and for under $100! I've written the site to get more information so I make sure I buy the right piece.  It's not upholstered so I can find or make a cushion to go on it to match the new paint colors of the living/dining room and the kitchen (when I figure out what those are going to be.)

Hubs has also agreed to (and likes) the idea of a bead board wainscoting in the kitchen and the bathrooms, and I'm going to see about maybe a back splash of it as well. I LURVE bead board. 

So many great projects lined up. Just need a little bit of money for each one too, and we can do it in steps. Can't wait!

Oh! And Hubs actually came to me tonight and said he gets off work at 5pm tomorrow so if I have the storage totes/tubs all packed and ready to go, he'll haul them to the storage building for me when he gets off work! WOOHOO!  I know what I'm doing when I get off work tonight ;)


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