It's November Already??

Zoe not happy about the rain at Farm Day

Seriously I sit here in shock as I realize how fast the last half of this year has gone by already!

Here are some pics from the Rural Resources Farm Day 2010. Rural Resources is a fantastic organization that has helped teach my kids lots of new skills and kept them from being bored and getting out of hand and kept them out of trouble.

Zoe and Bella the cow

The main barn on a very wet day for Farm Day 2010

Check out their website at

Rhiannon and friends working for Rural Resources at Farm Day 2010

Faelyn working the register for Rural Resources at Farm Day 2010

Rhiannon showing off her new Rural Resources work shirt.

Rhiannon talking her dad into buying some fresh baked goodies at Farm Day 2010

These are a couple of the pics I took at the top of the lookout at Clingman's Dome. The highest point in the Smokies, and in Tennessee for that matter. Third highest in the East I believe.

Before Fall really set in here and Summer was still hanging on, Rhiannon and Zoe were home with me on my day off while everyone else was off working or at a friends' house, so we went to Horse Creek to hike the trail.

That sign says Sampson Mountain Wilderness
Cherokee National Forest.

Rhiannon just had to stick her feet in the water.


And now I have a couple a pics from Halloween. I dressed as a SAHM haha! 

Me and the Hubs 

I hope to get back to posting normally again soon.  I seem to blog more in darker months. 

I've noticed several of the blogs I used to go look at when I had time are now only Invitation Only.  What's up with that? Seriously, are people that paranoid these days? Are there people stalking "Mom-Bloggers"? Really?  I work in Customer Service and Online Code of Conduct Enforcement.  Believe me I've seen it all.  It's probably just some weird trend I've missed.

Have an awesome November y'all!  I am bound and determined to lose some weight and some clutter around this house and get it looking good for the holidays! (me and the house!)