Lucking out, Stocking up, and Getting started.

Sorry no pics today (yet), haven't had time. 

Today was Hubs' day off. He decided to come with me to go shopping.  We like doing things together.
My 12 yr old was also home since she overslept and missed the bus and didn't come to tell anyone so we could take her. (I usually get to bed by 5am and Hubs wakes up at 7, so the older girls have to get themselves off to school. They're big girls afterall.) So, she came with us too.

I decided to stop at an antique/thrift/craft store where I'd seen a heavy duty older Oster blender. I'd had bad luck with blenders and swore the next one I got would be a serious blender.  This thing weighed a lot too. I didn't get it when I first saw it, but it kept nagging at me, so I went back and got it. It's missing the ring, but I have discovered you can get those online and at Ace hardware. Yay! Then we stopped at a couple more thrift stores we'd never been to before. This town is actually full of thrift stores. It's weird. Wonderful! But weird. At one of those, I found an old stainless steel toaster exactly like the one I had growing up. It was 4 bucks. I had to have it since I want to start making and freezing pancakes for the girls to pop into the toaster in the mornings, and a toaster oven is just not quite the same thing. A toaster is better for pop tarts and frozen waffles too.  So, now my "Breakfast Buffet" table as Hubs likes to call it has a nice lineup of stainless steel appliances. (Kind of helps make up for the fact that none of the BIG appliances are stainless ;) ) My kettle which I use all the time for tea and oatmeal, my new-to-me toaster, my big fancy looking coffee maker we got for Christmas, and the new-to-me blender.  Love it. :)

Then we went shopping at Save-A-Lot which is by far my fave grocery store.  We filled two shopping carts and it only came to $103.00  WooHoo! Now we didn't get any meats at Save-A-Lot, only because we wanted to see if Food City had chuck roasts cheaper, and they didn't have any chubs of ground turkey which is what I usually get.  I'll just have to get some later. I had 2 in the freezer already. Anyway, I really lucked out at the markdown table. They had packages of things that had gotten open or been damaged on the outside etc, marked down really cheap. I got two big cans of Seneca apple juice for $1 each, a six pack of cola for $1 (12 yr old wanted them), and 3 bags of Domino granulated sugar. 4 lb bags. $1 each!

Then we stopped at Food City on the way home. I was disappointed to find that they don't carry kefir, but we were very happy to see they had chuck roasts for 2.49 a lb! So, I got two of those. One for the freezer and one for this Sunday's dinner. That will make #1 on the list started at least! Hooray!  I wanted to go to 2 more stores to get the last things we need (saving money is worth driving to different stores.) but Hubs was whining he wanted to go home and was worried about what we had in the van that was already frozen. That's not usually a problem for me since I can get in and out with what I need and not dally, but with those two in tow it took a lot longer. Anyway, tomorrow I'll get more kefir from Ingles,(so I can start making my own again - my starter was all drunk), and the ground turkey, and see what other deals I can find. I got huge packs of fresh chicken breast for $1.50 last week.  Maybe I'll get lucky again. Food Lion is my favorite store for finding those deals.  They always have so much stock in their meat dept, they always end up marking it down.  Now that I want to really get serious about getting my freezer stocked and cooking at home and making healthier meals for my family - instead of all the eating out we've been doing  because we're just too tired or busy to cook, - I want to really look for deals more often... not just get a few things if I happen to come across them. 

Oh!  And another way I lucked out today!  My boss asked me if I'd like some overtime.  They just have money to give away apparently LOL!  So, I'll be working Saturday night now. Funny story,  Hubs mentioned today while we were looking at the thrift store.  He said he had to find out that he had plans this weekend for going out from my blog HAHA! Well, now I won't be able to go since I will be going to work, but we talked about it and the money is really worth it, so he'll be taking our 14 yr old to see The King and I without me.  I think he'll survive. Besides it'll save money as the tickets aren't cheap.

I'm really looking forward to next Saturday, the 20th! My sister in law and her family are going to Florida to spend the week of Thanksgiving with my husband's grandparents.  on the way down, they're stopping here.  We're all going to go see Harry Potter on the 20th, then my mother in law will watch all the kids while my husband, his sister, her husband and I all go out to dinner.  Just us adults. Oh I am really looking forward to it!

Well, I hope y'all have a great weekend!!