Operation Declutter Day 2 - The Sideboard

Hooray!  I am SO THRILLED with the sideboard!  When Hubby and I went back to get it today, it looked nicer than I remembered, haha.  I really love how good and sturdy it is. Solid wood construction.

 I really love these drawers. I decided they were perfect for holding supplies for packing lunches.

 This side is accessible from the right or middle doors as they both slide. I have to decide what I'm going to put there.  I think I'm going to put the things I use in the kitchen the most, like the baking dishes etc that are currently in my buffet in the living/dining room. I hope my crock-pot will fit there too.
 This drawer is awesome! It's going to free up a lot of room in my silverware drawer.  I can put all my serving utensils in here. It's also got space for baking items like measuring spoons etc.

 This drawer just has boxes of tea so far, but soon it will have all my spice bottle and tins in it. They're in another kitchen drawer right now, and I think it may be handier having them in this one so I can spread them out more and it's higher up as well. That'll free up a better drawer in the other counter for kitchen towels too (they're currently in the bottom drawer which is annoying.)

The top has that finish that makes rings when it gets wet though and I hate that.  I've got trays under the kettle and coffee pot for now and a trivet for my mug. I'm going to see about getting a piece of glass cut to put on the top of it, (fortunately I know someone who works for a place that does that.)

We also met with the guy about the storage unit, and got the key to a 5x5, yay! Hubby and I went to check it out, and found there was no lightbulb and the wiring on the side had been cut.  So, tomorrow I have to call the guy and let him know we found it that way.  Hopefully he'll meet with me and give me a different unit. We know other units have working lights and power.

I haven't put anything in the unit yet since we might end up getting a different one, but I have been getting things ready to take. Already have two huge totes full of Halloween stuff ready to go. I'm keeping my non-Halloween Fall decor up until Thanksgiving, so I'll be putting all the Halloween/Fall boxes in storage as well as all the Christmas ones (including the tree box! yay!).

I'm getting give-away stuff ready to go as well. I still have several big bags full in the back of the van I have tried to take to the thrift stores several times, but something always happens. This time, No Excuses!

I'm just so excited to finally be able to get stuff out of this house instead of finding places to stash it or stack it. After the first load has been taken to the unit/thrift store, and I have some room to breathe and move, I'm going to tackle the walk-in closet in the master bedroom. I'm going to take absolutely everything out of it. Every last piece of clothing, shoe and box. Then I'll pick if each thing is either "Goes back in closet neatly", "Goes into the storage unit", "Goes into Give-Away bag", or "Garbage". It'll be so nice to be able to actually WALK into my walk-in closet. haha!

Hope y'all are having a great week so far!