Operation Declutter!

Today was step one in taking back my kitchen from the utter CHAOS that has happened to it. It was also the reconnaissance mission of "Operation Declutter".

I had been thinking of getting a storage building, but kept putting it off figuring it would be too expensive, it would take a lot of work to get the space ready for it, I would have to get the OK from the landlord first, etc.  Then yesterday, I was fussing about all the boxes of clutter sitting around in the way and my 14 year old said, "Why don't you rent one of those storage units next door Mom?"  My kid is a genius. :)  

There's a big 24-hour self-storage facility next to our mobile home park. I drive by it every time I go out. Yet for some reason I never considered getting one myself.  We actually rented one of those storage units when we first got married, but my husband's grandparents bullied us into buying a metal shed instead of wasting rent. The roof leaked and tons of our stuff was ruined over the 20 years we kept crap in it just because they told us too...) 

So...  anyway.  It has gotten to the point that this house which once seemed huge to us now feels cramped and small from all the STUFF.  So, it's time to make a difference. I kid you not, there are now 7 big plastic storage totes in my kitchen. Some are things I simply refuse to part with for sentimental reasons. Others are things like the tub of important papers and things I need to sort through eventually, 3 tubs of Halloween stuff, mainly costumes. One is just hardware stuff like power tools and extra hammers and duct tape. Oh!  There's also a huge 7 ft Christmas Tree in a box in my kitchen. Really.  This is all stuff most people put into their garage or attic or basement, but we have neither of those. In fact there are tubs of stuff under the back porch, which I hope are still sealed since some have baby blankets knitted by now-dead relatives that they personally asked me to hand down... sigh. You know, you can accumulate a lot of crap in a 19 year marriage.

So yeah, I called the guy about the storage units today.  I asked if I had to pay a couple months up front or what, and he laughed and said, "Why heck no!  Who told you that?" I decided right then that I would rent from this dude. A 5x5 is $27 a month and there's a $25 deposit we can get back if we clean up when we're done with it and sweep it out well. Honest to God, that's what we paid 19 years ago...  I have no idea why inflation has not touched storage unit rent but HOORAY!  So, I talked to Hubby about it tonight and he agreed it was a good idea, so I'm getting it done tomorrow. YAY!

Now, for the other awesome thing.

I have been looking for *something* to use in my kitchen to replace the janky trashy plastic folding table I set up to use *temporarily* as a prep area since I have like zero counter-space. This:

My ideal thing would have been a Hoosier cabinet, which I still want very badly, but I just can't afford that. Then I thought maybe if I could find salvaged cabinets from someone's remodel or something, we could install lower and upper cabinets and just paint them all white. So, today I went to Habitat for Humanity store (where I did find Rhiannon a new computer monitor that words great for $1!!), but there was nothing in the salvage area I could use and the furniture just wasn't what I was looking for. I stopped at a couple of antique/bargain stores and there were Hoosiers, but nothing less than $210. Finally I went to the used furniture store where I've gotten several things before, and found what I think will be perfect.  It looks *something* like this:

This is a new one however, and the one I found is older, maybe 60s or 70s and not that light pickled oak look, it's more of a greenish yellowish color. But, it's on short legs which raises it up to a nice height for using it as a prep counter and it's very sturdy. I can't tell if it's all solid wood construction, but I am fairly sure it is.  There are two drawers instead of three like this one, and one has a felt lined silverware tray built in.  The doors on the front on the one I found actually slide (all 3 slide which is nice), and one side has pull out drawers that look like what you'd store cookie sheets etc in. The middle and other side has a big open compartment with a small shelf that runs along it at the back. It's perfect for storing the girls' lunch bags, thermoses, and the snack stuff I pack in them.  Currently that stuff has just been getting thrown into a plastic bin in the kitchen floor next to the trashy white table... at least it all kind of goes together.  Honey when I do "trailer trash" I do it right, LOL!  Hopefully for not much longer though! I showed the sideboard to Hubby after he got off work and he agrees it'll fit where we want it and it's the right height and will provide good storage.  He does say it's hideous, but then... do we really care at this point?  Besides, once we paint the walls some hip new color, it might look retro chic! :D

It'll sit where the white trashy table sits now.  The BIG trashcan will go along the other wall between the window and the trashy rusted deep-freezer Hubby won't let me give away.
Like in this pic below... on the right, the dark wood buffet... yeah that's not there now. 

It's actually now where the desk is in this picture. (My desk is back in the laundry room due to being unable to concentrate on work.) So, where the buffet is in this pic... there is now the Christmas tree box, the chest deep freezer (about the size of a washing machine), and a stack of storage bins taller than I am.

I am simply not taking before pics of what it's like right now.  I don't even like looking at it in person, much less taking a picture of it. But I know it's only temporary. By tomorrow afternoon, my kitchen should be nice and clean and organized and make me very happy. And I swear I will try to get pics and post a blog post about it asap. (I really have missed blogging.  Can't keep this stuff bottled up inside!)


  1. I know, it is hard to find something you like, that does what you need it to do and fits your budget. :(

    That sideboard seems perfect.

    And a storage unit right next door- cool! I'm sure it will make a world of difference for you.



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