Brainstorming for Decorating

I am trying not to dwell on the stuff I posted about yesterday (or earlier today, whatever).  Whatever happens, happens. She may be going off to live with her grandma and grow up a little if it turns out to be true.  We'll see.

Today however I woke up feeling much better physically.  I think I'm finally over this sinus thing, well except for the cough. Finally changed the sheets on my bed, and am working on getting caught up on laundry and getting the kids' rooms straightened up and their drawers cleaned out so they have room for clean stuff (yeah I'm that far behind in laundry).

Got the kids rooms changed around, so now the 12 and 14 yr olds are in the second bedroom and the 8yr old is in the smallest bedroom. Technically she shares it with the oldest, but that *child* sleeps on the couch when she's here. Anyway, as I've mentioned, I've been wanting to move my desk into the smallest room even though I'd be sharing with the 8 yr old and her stuff and her friends coming over.  I figure the time her friends are over would force me to get off the computer and do stuff I'm supposed to actually be doing.  Well, anyway, I haven't moved in there yet.  It is still a mess from just having moved stuff. But one more day of organizing and all that, and I think it'll be fine. Tonight pretty much cinched it for me. Since my 8yr old is in the room by herself, she closes the door, turns on the light and gets up and plays instead of going to sleep... if I were in there working, she would have to go to bed on time and stay in bed.  Even if she laid there watching me, she'd eventually fall asleep.  And the bonus is, my laundry room will be just a laundry room again. Nice.

I have plans to finally do some decorating this year.  The stock mobile home walls are getting on my nerves.  I didn't mind them at first as they were a vast improvement over the old 70s brown wood fake paneling I'd lived with for 20 years, but I'm over it. My hubby and I have not agreed on colors at all however.  I want something nice and mocha/tan/sand-ish.  Like the neutrals they paint rooms on HGTV to sell a house. He wants it to be warmer like a Tuscan gold or even yellow.  I prefer cooler taupe colors.  We'll see.  I know I want my kitchen cabinets painted white and I want white bead board somewhere.  I think I'll start with painting the smallest bedroom. I know the exact blue I want, and thankfully it's the youngest kid's fave color. I want the main bathroom to be a light apple green with white bead board wainscoting!  I'll let the middle girls hash out their room color. My laundry room will be painted as well, but I'm not sure what color yet. It's going to kind of become my sanctuary.  I won't have a comfy reading spot or anything, but it will be a soothing place to be.  I want wall shelves put up with big deep pretty baskets to hide all the detergent. I may even get one of those giant apothecary jars for the Arm & Hammer powder detergent we use.  I already have a small wall shelf that holds knick-knacks I like and a teddy bear and a small lamp. There are so many lovely and interesting laundry rooms on some of the blogs I read, it's easy to get inspired.

I believe Hubby and I have both come to the conclusion that we need a new sectional sofa as well.  We have one couch now that I really do like, but it's really showing wear and tear and is just too large for the space.  It's deep, like the width of a twin mattress.  Easy enough to sleep on. Has tons of pillows that always end up on the floor. If I had a basement, I'd love to keep it and put it down there, but I don't.  Maybe I'll put it on Craigslist and get something out of it, dunno.  Now, we need to decide if we're going to get leather, bonded leather, microfiber, or something else. With the cats now being declawed, I cringe at all the scratch marks I know they'll make in leather.  Bonded leather is better at hiding them, but still not perfect.  A rough fabric would be better, but they usually look kind of 80s ish.
This one is normally $699 and is on clearance for $500and of course I don't have the money now. Not crazy about it.
I like this one better:
I like the lounge thingie and it seats a lot of people, and I love the color. It's $799
I worry that one would get so stained and nasty though. :(  Though to be honest, our current one isn't badly stained.  It's scotchguarded and cleans up nicely. This one is supposed to be like that. I'd like a recliner at one end, but I guess the lounge thing works, and it allows people to sit on the edge too. Our round coffee table would fit there perfectly too. We have to figure out where it goes in the list of priorities for 2011. Maybe if we find a cheaper vehicle, we can afford a new sectional. I can hope!
Guess I should wait til we get the sofa before I decide on a paint color for the living room.

Kind of excited now about moving my office into the kid's bedroom. Hope I still get as much laundry done... ok I hope I get more laundry done LOL!  No idea when I'll get money for paint.  They always say it's the easiest and cheapest way to redecorate.  HAH!  Paint is NOT cheap. Oh well, I'll coupon and save and get it as I can afford it.

Now I've got to finish up my menu plan for the next 14 days and make a grocery list for all of it, then search the online sales papers and sort my coupons.  I think we'll have our own little family New Year's Eve party. I will post more on that later. See ya!


  1. I'm planning a little New Years eve party for our little family as well.



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