Happy New Year 2011!!

Happy New Year everyone!

It's been a fair year I guess, but I will admit, I'm glad it's over.  It started off with having to go to Indiana to my husband's grandfather's funeral. It was his dad's side of the family, and we hadn't seen them in years. We spent some time with people we hadn't seen in years, including one of his half sisters who were kids when we saw them last, and now they all have kids of their own. So, that was nice, though for a sad reason.

Spring saw our oldest daughter turning 18 and graduating high school. I also got hooked on Doctor Who again yipee!

Summer brought visiting family from out of state and a great 4th of July, but it also brought the beginning of financial woes with a lot more outgoing than incoming. July is just not a good month with the 4th, 3 birthdays and back to school shopping. (Our schools start back the first week of August).

Fall brought our oldest starting college with her full ride scholarship we were so thankful for, and the next oldest kid started high school. Finances were still not good and then we started having vehicle trouble. Halloween was nice, and I had fun driving the kids from house to house in the pickup. Thanksgiving was yummy though rushed due to everyone working, and it started the crazy retail and CS schedules the holidays always bring. Hubby had to go to Kentucky to work for a week, with little money and the van not doing so well. Lots of stress.

Winter has been rough, but we finally got mostly caught up on finances (took 6 months!), and had a very good Christmas.  Presents were sparse, but no one seemed to mind at all.  What the kids did get have been really well loved and played with, and they weren't overwhelmed with tons of STUFF. It was relaxing, and I wish they were all like that.

Now our van's not working really at all, might be transmission, not sure.  But we have our daughter's old Buick she bought off a relative of her fiance's that we're driving until we can get the van fixed. She's not crazy about it, but she sure borrowed our car plenty of times when she was 17 LOL. Money stuff is getting better. I just had a ton of luck and fun couponing for the first time in forever. Hubby was duly impressed lol.  It's going to really help us get more bang for the buck. We'll finally be able to have snacks and extras we haven't had in the house in a long time.  In fact tonight, some friends texted that they were in town for a movie and wanted to know if we wanted company later, and they'd bring wine and cheese.  We had little appetizers we'd gotten on sale and with coupons, so we had an impromptu New Year's Eve party with friends and our kids.  It was great!

I have really high hopes for 2011.  We have our financial plan Hubby and I worked out and have agreed to stick to. Of course it's already a little off kilter due to vehicle troubles, but we'll just roll with the punches and pay off stuff as we can, it'll just take a little longer.  Still should be debt free (besides the house) by the end of 2011.  That will be an AWESOME feeling, and I REALLY hope I'll be able to post on here one year from now and say We did it!!!.  

I hope you all have a fabulous New Years and a year from now I hope you can say, "It was one of the best years ever."