Oh You Have GOT to be Kidding ME! And Thank GOD for Daily Miracles!

Our 14 yr old has been at her grandma's helping around the house. She was supposed to come home last night, but her grandma is sick and didn't feel like driving. It's an hour away. Since Hubby was off today, he agreed to go get her. They stopped and had lunch together, had some daddy daughter time.

I had just woken up when they got home, so thankfully I slept through the time I would normally be worrying about him driving.  I got ready to go, grabbed my grocery list and took off for the store... then promptly turned around and came back home.  The van sounded horrible! Hubby had mentioned it was running rough.  We already know it needs a new radiator which was estimated at $250 to replace.  We can't come up with that money for a while, so we've been putting coolant in it (that stuff's not cheap either!). I didn't know if this new problem had to do with the radiator or not, but I wasn't driving it! I was so upset.  I have to get groceries or the family will have no Christmas dinner or even food for the next week! So, I was about to lose it (in fact I did go off in a rage at Hubby just because he was there, the poor guy), but he stepped up and got dressed, complete with his leather jacket, scarf and trilby hat, and went to get groceries.  I told him I'd go with him, but refused to drive.  So he drove us to the store.  I was in prayer the entire time asking God to please let us get to the store and back home and to let the Paypal card work to pay for the groceries. We made it there, and I thanked God over and over, then tried to remain calm as we filled the buggy with the things we needed. Nothing frivolous. Then, we got to the register and I am silently praying the entire time we're putting stuff on the conveyor belt and loading bags into the buggy. I was so worried, we were going to be tested once more... that the van breaking down wasn't enough... but PRAISE THE LORD the card was approved and we got the groceries! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!  Hubby had some cash on him and got more coolant and oil for the van.  I thanked God over and over and over walking to the van with the buggy. Oil and coolant added, we were on our way again and I started praying to get us home once more. It was acting up even more, but it got us here. HOORAY!!!

Hubby thinks it's the transmission fluid, so he called my oldest and asked her to get a bottle of it and I'd forgotten we needed dishwasher detergent, so he asked her to get that too.  She actually did it immediately and came right over with it.  So, now the dishwasher is running, the van has new fluids (no idea if it's fixing the issue or not), and we have a roof, heat and food for another day.

I'm worried we won't be able to get to my sister's for Christmas with my family there Sunday. It's an hour's drive. I'll just keep praying. If y'all want to help with those prayers, that would be awesome!