ARGH! (Venting Post, feel free to ignore)

Ok, I'm sitting here working at my job online where I have to keep an eye on things as it's moderating real time stuff.  Since I'm also in the laundry room (where my office is), and the rooms I'm modding slow down at times, I've been trying to get laundry sorted while keeping an eye on the computer screen, and also trying to make 30 second sprints to the kitchen to make sure leftovers are covered up, dishes are brought to the kitchen etc. Even managed to get the bottom rack of the dishwasher emptied.

I've had to holler at the girls to get their stuff out of the living room and to bring me their clothes. My 12 yr old said she was out of pants and brought me a hamper stuffed full and no pants in it. So I had to send her back to excavate her room some more.  Oh plus I'm having to hang the wet clothes up here in the laundry room for the kids who need things for tomorrow. Thankfully Hubby is going to the laundromat tomorrow to dry more stuff like blankets, sheets, and other clothes.  Anyway, needless to say I've been busy and a bit frazzled...

So I was less than thrilled when Sophie was at the back door (right next to my office) barking to go out, and no one else in the house (who were doing NOTHING but playing video games and watching TV) would get up to let the dog out.  ... This is just a day after I fussed at Christopher because his dog Mickey keeps coming to me at night when I'm working and growling at me. He tries to talk to tell you he wants something, but it's still unnerving to have a dog stare at you with big bulging Chihuahua eyes and growl a hound dog growl (the poor thing is half chihuahua half beagle), ... it's creepy!  But Christopher says I'm overreacting and need to ignore him.  HAH! The dog needs to learn to go to his master when he wants something, not me.  ANYWAY, so tonight Sophie was barking to be let out and I hollered at people to put the stupid dog out...  and Christopher comes huffing out of the bedroom (like 5 steps away) and says, "YOU need a DOOR on your office!"  And I say, "It's NOT going to STOP the dog from needing to GO PEE!"

Thanks for your time and attention.