Cleaning day, and Loving the results!

There's nothing like company coming to make you clean your house LOL!  Well, our house isn't really bad overall, it just needed picking up and vacuuming etc. The kitchen was destroyed however from me having spent the last two days cleaning the fridge and then dealing with the cleanup afterwards. I'd soaked the shelves in the tub and that was so not fun to clean out.

Today Christopher's step dad Dave is coming over sometime to look at the van and see if he thinks it's really the transmission and how bad it is either way.

The living room is finally straightened up, all the non-living-room-items have been taken back where they belong. The tables have been washed and polished and the carpet vacuumed. Hooray!  The main bathroom is not bad but the floor needs scrubbing and mopping. Gotta get a kid to do that when I finish the kitchen.

In the kitchen, Hubby scrubbed down the main counter tops for me while I tackled the floor. Found a method that's working well.  Sweep the whole floor really well and scoop into trash. Spray with a Mr Clean solution and let set (there were some nasty sticky spots plus the stuff from the fridge - I do mop the kitchen floor pretty often so it isn't really as bad as the fridge was heh).. then scrub with the long handled acid brush which is a seriously handy tool (got it free in a bundle of give away stuff). Then use a dry swiffer to wipe up what the brush loosened up.  Then use the Swiffer Wet Jet with antibacterial wet jet cleaner to mop and let dry.  Lots of steps, but it works and gets it clean.

I've done half the kitchen floor and the other half is soaking at the moment. It feels so good to look in my fridge now!  And the freezer looks great, both of them! The cleaning supplies have been so easy to use and get to since organizing under the sink, and it's even pretty with the contact paper. Making lunches and dinner has been easier with everything in its place. My office and laundry area has been a pleasure to be in! I really feel like it's MY space and it feels comfortable and cozy, not dungeon-like anymore.

I've tweaked a few of the places I did for challenges as I lived with them and realized what else needed to be added or taken away etc. I still need to do under the bathroom sinks, but my knees and back are still killing me from the fridge so it may be a bit.  Keepsakes I'm pondering.  I think I have some ideas. The master closet I just did recently when Christopher was in Kentucky for a week. It can use some tweaking which I'll do and post the pics for that. But at least the really nasty hard stuff is done. I don't know what the rest of the challenges could be, but I look forward to finding out and tackling them. This has really been fantastic for my home and for my emotional well being.  If you would like to read more about see the challenges or even do them yourself. Please take a look at A Bowl Full Of Lemons blog.  Toni is awesome!

Ok, back the cleaning my kitchen! The other appliances look so old and dirty next to my "new" fridge! LOL