Finally Organized My Desk Drawer

This probably should have been the drawer I did for the first challenge on A Bowl Full of Lemons since that was "Junk Drawer". To be honest the desk drawer intimidated me. It wasn't until I'd done the other challenges and seen the great ideas that others had that I was finally able to do it.

This in the before pic:

Yeah it looks messy, but what you don't realize is this is just the top layer. I honestly filled a tote bag with everything in here. And that was after throwing away trash. (like 3 year old antihistamine prescription for Sophie).

I put the pennies in a container to go to CoinStar with the other bag of pennies.

I have a whole tray full of stuff that has a home in another room, especially my bathroom, like makeup, nail polish, medicine etc.

Several tools that are now in the tool box or the big tool tub in my closet.

I tacked a few more pics I found on the wall over my monitor.  Not the best way to view them, but it works for now. There were a few other keepsakes too since "Mom's drawer"  is known as the safest place to put something... heh maybe not after all the stuff I tossed out today.

So, here's the After pic:
Stuff I don't need often like staples and business cards/phone numbers etc are in the back tray.
On the left is a container just for techy stuff, SD cards, charger cords, Rhiannon's old phone that has her music on it etc. Next to that is a container for personal things like lip gloss, nail clips, hair bands, etc.
The containers I got ended up making a little square hole in the middle so I put my lotion and anti bac there. (LURVE Twilight Woods from Bath & Body Works). I also slid my fingerless gloves in there. A coworker in California made them for me. Typing at 2am can get cold sometimes. It's not as bad now as when she gave them to me.  In the old house my desk was next to a very drafty window and my fingers would go numb. (So thanks Calli!!)

 Then the front row has containers of things I use more often, my labels which I use on just about everything now.  I don't have a label maker gadget, so I have to use a plain old Sharpie, but it works! I got cool colorful thumbtacks at Staples. I even found a book of Forever stamps yay! They're right in front now. Those scissors get used a lot now that I try to use coupons as much as possible. That far right one holds a ton of pens and pencils, and I always fussed people stole my pen...  oops!

I hadn't noticed til I took this pic, one of the kids starts coloring the side of the drawer with the Sharpies.

It feels SO AWESOME to be getting organized! I know I keep saying I'm going to tackle the 3 remaining challenges, and I am, but I totally forgot to get the photo boxes today at Big Lots, and I forgot to get a box of page protectors that I want for one of the projects. Tomorrow (well Saturday) is a big day as far as shopping and paying bills, errands etc, so hopefully I'll remember to get the things I need then.

This is more or less for my own benefit, but here's a list of all the things I can think of that I still need to Organize:

  • Master Closet
  • Keepsakes
  • Photos
  • The game table in the "man cave" side of the bedroom, and give Hubby containers for his stuff.
  • Kitchen Island cabinet
  • Sideboard
  • Bookshelf in hallway
  • Still need to get bookcase for Zoe's room and redo toys and cubbies.
  • Rhiannon's room including dresser drawers (she keeps begging me to do her room-need to move current laundry sorter in there as wardrobe).
  • Need to put up new wire shelf with hanging bar and new sorter under it in laundry room so current one can go to Rhiannon's room.
  • Faelyn's room including dresser drawers and bookshelf(this one scares me and could need a hazmat suit - she's a lot like her mama).
  • Zoe's closet
  • Faelyn's closet (which Rhiannon is sharing currently)
  • Our bedroom including under bed and the Chinese cabinet holding extra school supplies and just stuff.
  • Gather all Giveaway stuff together and take to charity store.
  • Get all the stuff going to storage into the truck and into the storage unit.
  • Start going through the storage totes under the back porch.
This list used to be so so much longer and was such an overwhelming thing I never even tried to do it on my own, but the Lemons challenge has seriously changed my outlook on so much. Once my whole home is organized, I can stop worrying and fussing so much about things, because everything will have a home, we'll have less clutter and people will just be happier all around... and I can finally start doing OTHER things, like finally starting a raised bed garden and making the outside of our home look as nice as the inside feels.  I'm actually looking forward to Spring instead of dreading it.

I've even started a list of Spring Cleaning chores! Why does that make me happy? LOL!  I used to be fine with my house being dirty if it was just picked up and didn't look messy so I could open the door to a guest...  well not anymore.  Now I want my house CLEAN. I don't have that mindset anymore that I had for so long living in our old place. There was no real way to get it clean, so I had given up... but this place is like new (to me and compared to the old place!) and I want to take care of it and keep it clean and in good shape so it will last us a long time to come.

Then... comes painting the walls and cabinets!  EEEEK YAY!  This is going to be an excellent year!